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I have downloaded your project and tried to watch tutorial but it has no sound?

Yes lesson has no sound. My next project I will try to make a sound. Thank you

So I have tried to fallow along with your tutorial (no sound) and I can edit text and all that but I can’t see any Particles, Optical flash etc. It is like the files are missing from comp? Can you help? Thanks

you do not have the codec Qtime

I liked the way you did it, well done! :)

Thank you

An Excellent work – keep it up man!

Hi Ruslan. I downloaded the wedding video pack, a few days ago. but i wanted to use it to add videos in there, but the video plays very short in there, is there anything i can do to make the video play longer, i am also not familiar with after effects , Thanks


Download tutorial

how to download

Best Regards Ruslan

I am very very disapointed that i cant even make the slideshow, your work is nice but your tutorial is horrible, i am stuck , stranded, i wish i can get my money back…..

If you cannot configure it means you own a bad Ae. In the lesson clearly shows how to configure the template. Any change in the template is the same work. If you wish to personalize the template it will cost you 100$. I have created a project. Not obliged you to do extra work for free.


I have created my lower third band but how do I put it on top of an image?


????????? QTime (PNG + Alpha)

What does that mean?

Also, the opening, cast and slideshow, do I need to put them into another program to link them together with music?



Editing project and render to Qtime

Congratulations nice work A Question: Can I change all the texts? Basically I ask this because I need to make these videos in Spanish

Yes, I think there is no problem using a standard font

Hi There

Your videos of how to make the video longer – I think it was called 28 + photos is not longer on your you tube channel and the links above show a broken link.

I understand the essence of the issue

Hi There – is the video available as a download ?

Can anyone send me a copy of the downloaded file that shows how to add more photos please iain @