Walk Cycle Starter Pack

Walk Cycle Starter Pack

Walk Cycle Starter Pack - 1 WALK CYCLE STARTER PACK

This project is customizable Walk Cycle animation project. There are Boy and Girl Walk Cycles (30 frame) in Starter Pack. Each of them has got some hair styles and clothes, so you can easily create & customize different-look characters just from two of them. You can use a silhouette mode of cycle also.

Project is 30 frame of loopable walk cycle. So, you can render 30 frame of cycle and then loop it for usage. Choose Boy or Girl, original colors or silhouette, then choose character hair, top clothing, bottom clothing, shoes, and accessories. customize of all stuff and render! As you can see, project is really simple & usefull.

•• 30 frame boy&girl walk cycle
•• 5 hair style per character
•• 5 top clothing per character
•• 5 bottom clothing per character
•• 5 shoes model per character
•• 5 accessories per character
•• silhouette mode
•• right or left walk
•• 100% After Effects. No plugin required
•• created in After Effects CS5 (CS5 above)
•• render HD resolution (HD1080)
•• easy controlable AE template
•• customize controllers are added
•• short user guide is included

Please contact me for any special stuff you wish to use !
I will draw it and animate for you.

♪ Thanks for audio to pinkzebra

If for some reason you are not able to customize the project you purchased, please contact me.