Transition Maker

  This is a tools for creating and improving video.
   “DIY Transition” is a tool for creating unique video transitions. You create the presets you need. The creation process is simple and takes much less time than searching for the desired transition in large libraries of presets and the result will not only be unique, but also ideally suited for your project. In the main archive you will find a short video tutorial and easily learn how to work with the template.
Also, in the project you will find some effects and elements for video, the number of which will grow with updates.

The main features:
  • Uniqueness of your transitions
  • Wide opportunities for customization
  • Quick setting for any task
  • Easy intuitive interface
  • Universal expressions (works in all AE languages)

  Also, in addition to the “DIY Transition” was created a special modifier, which complements your transition with a special animation, which has no analogues yet on videohive.
  The modifier also has its own settings, and you can also save it in your presets.

Font Muller