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Hello! In the main composition, include the hidden layers. And turn off the top layer 21/9. Thank you!

I noticed that some of the footage doesn’t always fill the screen when I import it; even at 100 percent scale. I have to manually go and scale some of the footage up past 100. Is there a reason for that? And can I disable/avoid this from happening?

I can look at the resolution tomorrow. I do not exactly remember which resolution of placeholders (you can see in the composition properties), but the output should be a picture of 1080p. Correct size can only be done manually. But if you have a video of one size, you can place the video in placeholders, and then copy and paste this “scale” into all the videos.

Sounds good. I will take a look at it. I believe that I filmed in 720p. Good job on the project and I hope to purchase much more from you.

You can create a 720p composition and insert the main composition into it and adjust the size and output will be 720p. Or when rendering, specify the resolution of 1280×720 in the settings. Thank you, I’m glad you like it. I would be grateful for the high rating

Fantastic work! I Ilike colors, transitions, music. I like everything!

Hello, I got a question:

The place holder settings are 3000×1688, but my inserted video it is only 1920×1080. If I then go to the main comp, the inserted video is only a partial of the screen – even tho the main comp is 1920×1080. If i scale up the video in the place holders I lose a lot of quality on the video… If i change all the scale values in the main comp I lose all the premade scale effects done by you

Is there any other way to import 1080p footage so it fits the placeholder comps?

Hello! Thank you for your purchase! there is such an effect motion tile. he can mirror the edges of the video and fill the void

Since I do not know how to edit, can I also hire you to customize the words?

Hello! Unfortunately I do not do customization of the project. Thank you for your understanding and good mood!

Hi there, this item fails to render every time at frame 00:13:05. I also tried importing to Premier and Exporting from there but the same happens. Any thoughts?

I am using CC 2019. And a combination of photo and video. There is no error message to send – it simply says ‘Failed at 00:13:05’ in the render queue. I removed the ‘Lens’ layers which solved the problem. So it must be a bug there – but the does loose some of the core styling which is a shame.

Please send me your project file. The project should work as it is. I need to understand exactly where the error is.

I added a project to the archive with version cc2019. Download again. I checked, it works. Screenshot attached And another question: do you have the English version of after effects?

Hello, I opened the project in after effects cc 2019 and there is no movement on the video. It’s just the titles and some filter. All I did was add my 1080 video under the MAIN_LONG component. Am I missing something? Thanks

Nvm! I think I got it with the tutorial. I’ll make another comment if something else happens.

Very nice work !!!

Hi there, just when I was about to purchase the sound track (dusty hip hop indent) it is no longer available. It’s disappointing since it was one of the main reasons why I purchased the video and the video now no longer matches the visuals since the music track isn’t available. As noted in the description of the video “the project was created specifically for this music”.

Hello! thanks for your purchase, the second track is definitely available. And the first was really blocked. I hope this is temporary. You can try to contact the author


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