Ultimate HUD

After 2 years of hard work and dedication Starfall Productions is proud to present the “Ultimate HUD”. With more than 1000 elements, this project will give you endless possibilities to create your very own unique UI and HUD interface. It contains 22 Interface Screens and 4 Heads Up Displays (HUD) totaling 26 completely unique screens. It’s divided in 18 complex element categories and 22 modular element categories. Expression controls are included so you can easily change the style of the whole project just in few clicks. We’ve also added .mogrt for all of the Interface Screens so you can run them in Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe Premiere Rush. Detailed video tutorial that will guide you through the whole template is included in the download file. The “Ultimate HUD” is compatible with any After Effects version above CS6 and it doesn’t require any plugins.

Ultimate HUD Features:

• FREE DEMO included (fully animated screen with 136 elements)
• CS6+ Compatibility
• 1000+ elements
• 26 screens (22 interface screens and 4 heads up displays)
• 18 categories divided in to two sub-categories(complex & modular)
• All vector 2D elements
• 100% After Effects
• Minimum Resolution for each element is Full HD (1920×1080) Resolution (Every element can be used in a 4K resolution output)
• No Plugins Required
• Detailed Video Tutorial Included
• Chromatic Aberration feature included
• Every single element is animated
• Type of animation: IN+LOOP
• Length: 30 sec (can easily be extended)
• Font info included in the main file

Ultimate HUD Options:

• Everything is editable
• Create your own Screens
• Create new Elements
• Modify existing Screens
• Customize Existing Elements (Change animation, color, add/remove shapes, modify the shapes)
• Easily modify or create completely new Heads Up Dislpays(HUDs), add any head footage to the heads up display presets (Eye Target Controller available for each HUD preset)
• Customize Existing Presets (add/remove objects, re-locate elements)
• Motion-track your videos using the elements
• Expression controls added to change the general colors of all the elements and invert them with one click
• Perfect for animated movies, feature movies, games, documentaries, futuristic shows
• Endless Possibilities

The Audio Files can be found here and here.

The fonts used are : “Agency FB”, “Zdyk Sagittarius” and “Khaless”.

If you need any help with this project please contact us through our profile page or email us at

Heads Up Displays:

There are 4 Heads Up Display (HUD) premade interfaces of which 3 have an option to have a your head footage inserted and one is an inverted heads up display which displays the view from inside the heads up display helm. All of the HUDs that have an option for a head footage have EYE TARGET controllers and additional controller for the FRONTAL ELEMENTS which controls all of the remaining 3D elements inside the helm besides the eye target interface. Drag and drop your own footage inside one of the premade Heads Up Displays, modify the premade HUDs by changing the elements inside the helm or create a completely new HUD using all of the elements in this bundle, you have the control.


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