Discussion on Turntable Music Visualizer

Discussion on Turntable Music Visualizer

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very very nice!

Thank you! :)

Looks awesome!

Many thanks!

This is absolutely terrific! Well done. I’ll be buying it soon.

Thanks a lot Derek. I just browsed your work for a while. Awesome portfolio, very versatile, congrats!

Wow awesome graphics. I know is not related to video, but is there a way to create something similar to this to visualize live audio? I do have an interactive musical device for events and having a way to visualize what you play in real time would be incredible. Excellent job, well done

Take a look at a Software called “Notch”. With After Effects live effects are not possible.

thank you for the tip, I knew it would be impossible or really hard, but would look amazing !

I have 2.2.2 on latest Mac OS with latest After Effects and when I go to Scene Setup it just spins forever.

It’s a VideoCopilot issue.

audio spectrum in, out models not loading. What should i do?

Make sure that you use Element 3D version 2.2.2. then everything should work. You may have to re-link the 3D Model in the Element 3D setup.

Is there any way that you can extend the length to just over an hour?

Generally it is possible, but it needs some After Effects skills to achieve that, because you basically have to extend each and every layer/composition in the project. I would not recommend to do that with this visualizer, because render times can get really long if you use it for a one hour track.

It may be better to split the audio file into pieces, customize the template as it is for each piece seperately and then edit the video files tohgether. That´s definitely easier and way more manageable in terms of render times.