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does this work for ADOBE PREMIERE PRO?

It works only using Adobe Dynamic Link. Watch the tutorial here –

Great project man ;)

Thanks :)

Very nice! ;-)


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Hi nice job, im find demo in project (footage,picture vs.) Is it available? its ok im found :)

When will you be updating the preview link for Slideshow and Split?

Hi, sorry for the delayed reply. It will be up next week.


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Hi, I am looking for a way to change speed of a transition. in your video shows 2 ways to acheive it. What is difference between “time remapping method” and “stretch method”?

Hi, please send us an email at

Hi, wonderfull works. Congrats.. I want to purchase . But When I buy this transitions for 1 computer ; Can I use in a lot of customers projects or only 1 customer project ?? Please reply . Thank you


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This is really fantastic. Easy to use and thrilled with the overall quality and variety of the transitions. Well done


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How can I use the same glitch title more than once but keep different texts? At the moment I’m copying the Titles Comps from the main comp “Glitch Titles [1080p] BUT when I use, lets say, “Title 01” more than once, it doesn’t understand as a new copy and it keeps changing the first copy I used initially. Basically I want to use the same Title more than once and I don’t want the first copy to be affected when I change the text on the second copy… How do I solve this? I hope I posed my question clearly.

Hi, please contact us at

does this work with after effects cc 2019, I don’t think its working correctly for my program

Yes it does. If you’re having any issues, contact us at

ok was able to fix the settings, quick response to emails, now that I have it working properly, absolutely love this product! thanks !

HI, thanks for your amazing plugin. When i apply it, it makes my images smaller in width. I can send you my workflow but basically I have two images stacked up and place your comp (say rectangle) on top of them and turn on collapse transformations and then the second images that is transitioned into is made smaller. The transition works though its just the size

Hi, solution to that is in the provided video tutorials. You simply need to resize transition comps using Resolution Change script. I also replied to your mail with further instructions.

Thank you sir. Amazing plugin thanks

You’re welcome, enjoy.

Excellent work buddy!!! Congrats! ;)

Thank you! :)