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Good work!!!

Nice to hear that! Thank you!

Thank you!

Amazing work buddy!! ;) Great kit!! ;)

I’m very glad to hear that my friend! Thank you! :)

Very nice work :)

Thank you!

Good job ! Well done !


Great attitude my friend! I wish you great success and progress and real happiness! :)

Thank you so much for such a great wishes! I wish you all the best too!

I have question, There is a 40% banner on. Is this apply on the $39 in checkout, or is this the 40% price until the 2 weeks is up…than the price goes up? Thank you in advance.

Hi, the price is $39 with the 40% discount already applied. Since Thursday the price goes up.

Okay, Thank you!

Hi, great work is the audio track you used available on envato? Thanks!

Hi, thank you! You can find all the edit examples and audio links by this link https://cinemaeternal.com/tmt-edits/

What is the track in the promo trailer for the product? Is it available from Envato? Thanks!

Can you customize the titles with different fonts and looks?

Yes, sure.

Wow! It’s very perfect work! :O