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Very nice work!

very very nice!

Incredible sales and development of creativity!

Excellent Work! :-)

Very Nice Work!!

Very cool work and nice design! :) I wish you all the best for your sales! ;)

Can one change the techno background on this video?

You can hide the UI elements of your choice, but you’ll have to do it manually in each scene. After the purchase I can make a video how to do it, if there are problems

I would like to hide all the text on the back ground floor, as it won’t match my video. Is that possible?

Yes, it is possible! You can even change this text if you want or delete it

Hi there, I purchased the item. I did not receive the fonts? I’m receiving error messages, I cannot select/edit some of the headlines.

How do you change the colour of the font? I cannot access the character panel: I receive an “properties list from memory” warning message at startup.

Hello! Replied to you in the mail