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amazing stuff! wow :)

Very much this project was pleasant

Great Idea! I like it! Good luck :)

An incredible stuff! Amazingly done, Sebastien!

Thanks Wayman ;)

very good tool ! IT’s a really plugin?

Hi, it’s not really a pluggin because it’s not an .aex file but it’s looks like and its as if…

so that’s all ! I’m looking for you new tool guys !

best wishes! :)

“That’s all”......I worked very hard on this one, it’s powerful :silly:

sorry for my bad English I means I know you said “Hi, it’s not really a pluggin because it’s not an .aex file but it’s looks like and its as if…”. and It’s a amazing tool and Beyond my imagination!

No problem dude, my english is not really good too 8-)

Does this work well with CS6 ? If so, definitely purchasing! Cheers

Yep, I have made the tutorial on AE CS6 and everything works fine!

Looks awesome! :)

Woooow! just watching all your work in great awe :) these tools are out of the boundaries! groundbreaking stuff man :)

Really appreciate dude, many thanks

hello! just curious, is this an effect that can be used in other projects too? i have an (unpaid) video project i would love to use it on. alot of publicity but u am not making any money from it. is it ok to use?

Yes, otherwise, check extended license please

oh my god! i am really sorry, my stupid phone charged the words in my message with auto-correct!! what i wanted to say was “alot of publicity but I am not making any money from it” ... not “u”....apologies for any offense :)

No probleme dude.

Just purchased it, and its not working. on my version – it says its “unsupported filetype or extension” – Have you encountered this problem before?

Thank You

Hello, please send me more informations by my profil page? I need more like after effects versions, language, screenshots, etc…It will be better by email

is anyone else having trouble figuring out how to use this. the tutorial is very difficult to follow.

Please send me a private message through my profil page if you get some difficulties for use it.

dude, awesome. love the plugin. I just think you should redo the tutorial. it’s low quality online and i cant really understand anything you say.

Thanks mate. About the tutorial, I already know my english is bad but..ahah. Anyway the included version of the tut is better quality. You should watch this one

does this only work in 25 and 29.9 fps?

If you need another fps please contact me by email. I’ll send you a custom project.