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Looks stunning!)

Very good work! :)

An Excellent work.

very nice project, i whish you good luck with the sales :)

Thank you guys! :) Have a nice day!

Hi Aron

On launching I get an error message “Optical Flares is missing…”


Hi! Thanks for the purchase! The problem is you dont have Optical Flares plugin. Open the Prerendered file. It will work. :)

Thanks it worked.

I have one last question. How do I take out the grungy look of a picture so that I can it a natural look ?



Take a look at this img. 2 easy step. :) Also please if you statisfied with the item, please rate it. :)

I’m glad to help. :) -Aron

Hi Aron, If I buy the the template from you will it be possible to replace it with my photos and text. If so how long does it take and how much it will cost. I am new to after effects. email me if you are interested. thanks tombe2020@hotmail.com

Mail sent.

Hi Aron, I purchased the audio too but it obviously doesn’t match up to the gallery 2 project. It needs looped and cut up to match the project. Do you happen to have the times where you cut the audio up to match the video?

Thanks in advance!

Hi there!

Yes the original audio isnt fit to the video but inside the project file please go to MUSIC folder and open up the music composition and import that audio file into that comp.( I had to cut the audio inside after effects for the perfect match. :) )

Thanks for your purchase & dont forget to rate!

Thanks Aron! :-)