Discussion on Text Library - Handy Text Animations

Discussion on Text Library - Handy Text Animations

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I keep getting this error…Unable to execute script at line 1. Animationstudiopal is undefined

Please contact us via contact form and we will help you

How do you install this. It says I have no program that can open the Animation Studio file.

after reading a bunch of comments I noticed you have to download a zxp installer which isn’t anywhere in the documentation… get your fucking shit together you hacks

Hello! In Video tutorial (link in description) you can check step by step guide man

not work in adobe 16.1.2

Hello! This item works correctly in AE since 2014.2 – if you have any issues please contact us via contact form

Very easy to use…and amazing technical support…THANKS!! Saved my project

Does it apply in Korean?

Once bought, and installed asking for purchase code? Where is my purchase code??


Hi. How do you animate the text “Out”? I can do “In”.

Hello! You have OUT marker in text layer – just move it

Hi I am having trouble installing – I don’t seem to have the zip file mentioned in the “how to install video” – please help

Please contact us via contact form at profile page and we will help you

Hi, I downloaded this and one other item and it will not allow me to download, the instructional video isn’t the correct steps and when i follow your youtube video explaining how to unzip and install on after effects it says “error invalid” and downloaded some odd things on my mac applications?? How do we fix this error or get a refund for the two items we purchased??

Hello! Can you please send us screenshots via contact form here

Hi there, I tried to attach a screenshot of the error message I have continually received downloading but it will not allow me to send it to you via contact form. How do we download this properly or can we receive a refund? I just got the new Mac Pro and it is now saying that I shouldn’t download this and that it is not safe with an error.

So you just can contact us via contact form, and i will answer you on email personally with all instruction.

hi how to remove the effect which is applied

Just go to Effects COntrol and delete

If delete in effect control , it is showing error. “This project contains expression error: error 1 of 12”

can you please contact us via profile page contact form here? Please attach screenshot. Thanks!

Hi, after updating AfterEffect, it says “You use code from another project.” Could you please reset my purchase code? Thank you.

Hello! Please contact us via contact form here and we will help you. Thanks!

HI! I used your soft on my mac a long time and everything was fine! But now I changed my computer (win10) and can’t install the soft. I unzipped the archive, installed ZXPInstaller, tried to run animation studio file. But ZXPInstaller shows error. Plz help me

Hello! Please contact us via contact form here and we will help you. Thanks!

My problem was solved. Nice support!

Thanks for choosing us!

Hi, how can I delete an applied preset? You have a button on your script that applies a preset but I couldn’t find a quick delete option so its takes some time for me to manually delete all the properties that were affected by the preset

Hello! Please contact us via contact form here and we will help you. Thanks!

Could you please tell where is exactly the contact button? All I see is a page with items to buy

Right bottom corner you have contact form

Can we get an update that works in AE 2020? I have 3 of your products and they are all buggy! Support doesn’t reply to my email….

Hi sir! We got your email and answered you. Please check it

Does it support the Arabic language?

Yes of course!

I just purchased this. Is this not compatible with CC 2021 yet? On a mac, tried to install using ZXPInstaller and says it’s failed because it’s not compatible with the installed applications.

I contacted you 7 days ago about this using the contact form, and I have yet to receive a response. I will try again. If not, I will attempt to get a refund. Thanks!

Hi sir. We are not received any messages from you. Did you contacted us via this contact form ?

You can contact us directly on email

Hi does this still work in 2021?

Hi! Yes of course