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Great presets…but the audio quality on the tutorial video is terrible. It sounds like your far away from the microphone and on top of that the overal sound is distorted. Please take the time to fix this, it reflects badly on a otherwise good product.

Thank you

I’ve redone a new tutorial and please re-download the zip file several hours later!

Excellent…thank you for the quick fix. Keep up the good work.

Excellent work. I wish you even more sales ;)

thanks guys I’m appreciate it

After affects cannot import the presets. It says the .ffx files are unsupported. Any idea how to fix this?

Hi never heard of this case! please tell me which version of AE did you use and which preset is unsupported.
please send me email when reply thanks

It appears that the issue resolved itself. I’m still a bit confused, but everything is working now. Sorry to bother you – great pack!

Great work, can you tell me please whether it supports arabic language or not ?

Hi my text effect presets compatible with all languages! please feel free to purchase!

I bought your 12 preset file v1.1, but three of the preset seems not work or may be I don’t now how to use it properly. Do you have a tutorial for “animation in – typewriting”, “animation in and out” – colors and “transition – Shruiken”. Tks in advance

Hi please send me email from my profile