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Creative! Really useful project. GLWS!

Great Job! Thanks for use of my music!

Thank you for the good music.

Wow!! This is so fantastic idea and beautiful project!

This worked perfectly for my project. I have a hexagon logo that perfectly fit with this. :) Thanks.

Thank you for choosing our template!

Used it in this video. Thanks.

excellent and cool work, I hope there will be a lot of sales from this project !!

Excellent work – Thank you. But I have the following problem: When I open the Temple in AE CC2018, AE tells me, the “Lens Blur” Effect is missing. But I cannot find, where the effects is used in the template; Probably it is hidden somewhere? I would like to find the effect to replace it with a newer blur-effect. Or do you know a better workaround? Thank you for your help!

“Lens Blur” effect use in each “Slide” composition. Open folder “02 – Slides”, open “Slide” composition. Make visible all layers (use “Shy” switcher on timeline toolbar). Layers 30, 32, 34 used this effect.

Great! Thank you for your help!

Thank you for choosing our template.

Hi! Its a nice theme! I’ve just send you an email asking how to change and shift the positions of the running ‘numbers’ in the background. Do you have a tut video for all who had purcahsed your template? Tks.

Hi, check your email.

Thank you for your prompt respond! If there’s a video tut ( for the changes ) in the future for beginner like me will be great! Pls create more of such high tech designs, Its really nice!

Hi can the background text be edited/customised?

Hi, all text can be edited. Text on background (tags) can be changed in one main-tag composition for all segments or only in choisen slides.

Excellent work – Thank you. How to change the template opacity whitout tags and text?

The opacity of text, tags, and other elements is edited as usual, if it is not provided in the layers Visual Settings.