Swatcher Script v2.0

Swatcher Script v2.0

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Introduce Swatcher 2.0, now it has become even better

Swatcher it’s the script for AE for creating and working with palettes in your compositions. You can also open a color palettes from files and keep it in your own swatch library.
What’s more, Swatcher allows easy colorize your compositions in a very convenient way. Colorizer will finds each color in your selected layers, such as Solid Layers, effects in the Solid, Text and Shape Layers.
The Shape layers choosing for colorize each fills and strokes inside content parameter. Even you can colorize some popular effects and plugins such as Tint, Ramp effect, Plexus and more.

In the colorizer window you can control each color in your scene. In the 2.0 you can even colorize the Color Controls in the layers, in case if you already created your own color links.

In the Swatcher 2.0 also introduces a new feature – Palette forge window, which allows you to create your own palette, but not more than 8 colors in one. I think that’s enough. Also feature for importing files with a palette has now moved into this window. Sort your colors as you like, add it using the color picker, or remove unnecessary and all it in the one Palette forge window.

Completely redesigned Colorizer window, now it is possible to adjust the color directly controlling the brightness, and the link to the original color remains. Brightness changes by using AE expressions.

Unfortunately in Swatcher 2.0 missing feature of import color palettes of various services. The reason for this constant and uncontrolled changing api on those sites. But you can always get some .ase or .aco files from any source, and use it in your composition.


  • Opening palettes from a files. Supported an .ase or .aco file formats
  • Creating a dynamically main swatch in the composition and binding all colors to it
  • Replacing all current assigned colors in the composition new palettes by one click
  • Working with Swatch Library, where you can keep your own palettes
  • Colorizer function, dynamically changing all colors of each selected layers.
    Supports the following layers and effects:
    • Text layer fill effector
    • Shape layer fill and strokes
    • Trapcode Particular
    • Rowbyte Plexus
    • Video Copilot Element 3D
    • Video Copilot Optical Flares
    • Drop Shadow
    • Glow
    • Grid
    • Checkerboard
    • 4ColorGradient
    • Tint
    • Tritone


Great song by Migueljl used in the promo: Jazz Swing
and song by Taspiliot used in the tutorial: French Gypsy Jazz

Change Log:

Version 2.01.50 (22/10/2014):
    - Hot fix for CC 2014
Version 2.00.08 (17/09/2014):
    - Fixed bug with verify purchase code on some internet connections
    - Fixed error occurred while loading { UI newImage }
    - Rewritten HTTP verify algorithm
    - Window positions will saving from now
Version 2.00.04 (15/09/2014):
    - Reassigned default palette
    - While disabling expression check-box in the Colorizer Window will show the swatch palette from the main window
    - Assigning the colors while check box is disable in an animated property now changing color in a nearest keyframe
    - Added check-box on the header of colorizer window to fast disabling or enabling all check-boxes

Version 2.00.00 (06/08/2014):
    - Redesigned the main window.
    - Added forge window. Allows you to create and edit your own palette. Loading palette now occurs in this window. 
    - Removed loading palettes feature from the link due to the instability of many users. Currently loading palettes can only *.aco or *.ace file
    - Redesigned the Colorizer window.
        - Added checkbox total for the whole column.
        - When you hover over the color appears auxiliary icon indicating binding color.
        - Added option to change the brightness of the color by expression in the Colorizer window.
        - Now when you try to assign a color to the Shape layer with the Color Control effect, added the possibility to colorize only it as an already attached color by expression.
        - From now on, you can assign a color to all color parameters have the following effects: 
            - Trapcode Particular
            - Rowbyte Plexus
            - Video Copilot Element 3D
            - Video Copilot Optical Flares
            - Drop Shadow
            - Glow
            - Grid
            - Checkerboard
            - 4ColorGradient
            - Tint
            - Tritone
        - Fixed bug while trying to assign a color (without expression) to an animated parameter
        - Colorizing the source color of solid layer
    - Redesigned library window.

Version 1.03.2 (20/06/2014):
    - fixed error occured while running AE verision before CS5
    - added warning message abour runing before CS5, that errors may occur

Version 1.03.0 (03/06/2014):
    - fixed some CSS version bugs
    - added loading last used swatch after relaunch script or After Effects 

Version 1.00.00 (24/08/2013):
    - Born of the miracle

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