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Very nice work! on my wish list….

Thanks mymoxie60.Glad you liked it :)

This is soooo Cooooooool on so many levels. Like the moves a lot !

Thanks for the comment nemanja_reMAKE. I heard the audio over 100 times not to miss a single frame. :D

Hi i’m really interested in this and i was thinking of buying it, just a few questions:

- the most important: Can i use videos instead of pictures??? - I’m pretty much a noob with after effects, is it really easy to customize it?? - can i cut some parts if i need a smaller video with less information?? - How much fast will it render on a Intel core 2 duo E4500 2 .20 ghz with an nvidia geforce 8500 GT – 512mb video ram and 3gb of system ram??

look forward to your answers, thank you so much.

Hi friend thanks for your support.The answer is ‘YES’ to all of your above questions..you can insert videos,easily customize it,cut some part or scenes if you need a smaller video. The render time will be less than 30 minutes on your system.Message me through my profile page if you have any doubts and I will be glad to help you. :)

Ok thank you for your answer, it is really really likely that i’m gonna buy this in a maximum of 7/10 days, i need to set up a few other things first, gonna contact you later and thanks again .

Thanks for your interest tetradon4 :)

hello, addey 2 days ago ? bought your project very nice project thanks ? like the music that you use for this project can you tell me name of music please

Hi Thanks for the purchase sarat. I mentioned the name of the music and the link to music in item description. The name of the music is “punch” by AudioQuattro. you can get it here :)

Very nice work!

Thanks Russel :)

I like the overall motion of the video, it’s very smooth.

Thanks vovkacg I am glad that you liked it

very good Video

Thanks Gokul

Super Cool, I Like The Dynamic Transitions Great Project Addeystock!:)

Thanks xFxDesings

Thanks ATIKO :)

Great project, super easy to modify and customize. Great support as well. Well done Addey, can’t wait to see more of your work!

Thank you so much damob :)
I am glad that you find my project useful..Your support means a lot to me

Hi man! I’m so happy, i’ve purchased “Stunner” some months ago and i’m totally satisfied. I write you because i want to know if you have create this template also. It’s the same!


Glad to know that you are happy with my project “Stunner” :)
I had not created the project “The astounding show”..It belongs to the author lasgole. He might be inspierd by my project :D
Btw Thanks for the purchasing “Stunner”

Great project, can you make this in Apple Motion 5?

I don’t have Apple Motion 5 :(
Sorry for that pal…

Really nice! How would you call the effect from 8-10, its just a simple “zoom” to stop, quickly iterated over and over?

Hi afagard
I just animated the pictures in Z position over and over..Hope you would find this info useful..Let me know If you need any help..
Thanks :)

Hi, a presales question. Wondering if you can rendering it for us(?), thanks.

...ok thanks, i will contact with you!.

...we sent all the details and files to your email. pls check it, thanks.

Got it, thanks for the purchase :)

Great job. Very professional. =) GutiarNation

Thanks GuitarNation :)