Discussion on Stomp Typography

Discussion on Stomp Typography

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What does the new update included?

Only 4K resolution.

Аnd two new versions !!

I keep getting this “After Effects error: Motion Tile cannot allocate a buffer larger than 30000 pixels in either dimension. (516). And i have not even touched the template file. Is it my computer? I redownloaded the file, and it still shows this. Please advise…

A friend of mine used an old version of After Effects, and it worked. Is that the reason I am having issues with the file?

write to me in the mail

Bravo, un super template, facile d’utilisation, en plus EvgenysFx est très réactif pour répondre aux questions, je recommande.

Does this include the shape and line animations also or just the template to edit the typography style?

Absolutely all elements in the template can be changed! Animation shape color size! But everything is zipped in the template!

Looking to purchase – can the images be swapped with video in the template?

Where do I change the text (not the main one, the lot of text on the sides)

Click the show hidden layers button and select the desired composition with text bg_

Hello, I can’t change the display on stage 5, “Videohive” stays in the background. thanks in advance

Send me on mail please.

Hey, do you have a composition of the music for the first version? I’m going to buy them but its hard work to adjust them after that..

In the description there is a son on this track !

I saw the link. But I mean a version that perfectly fits to the first version of your stomp video. None of them are perfectly fitting to the scenes.

In the template there is a special place where you can insert the original track, and it will fully correspond to the video order! 02.Edit Media – Audio Edit. Open composition Edit Audio past track.

can we juggle up the scenes? for example we want scene 3 to show first and the first scene last….?

Yes can!

Hi, can you tell me the fonts for now? I’ll purchase the template soon.