Discussion on Startup Explainer

Discussion on Startup Explainer

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Good animation! :)

thanks Wayman

thanks Artem200800

thanks Jaxbond

Nice and fun animation! :)
Wish you all the best !

thanks Final_Step

Great one. Super friendly :)

thanks andrenavarre

Cool. Super project:)

thanks okanakdeniz

Looks Nice Friend !

thanks amarama

Hi, I bought your video template. It’s really great and very easy to use. I LOVE it!

But I have one question. I bought the song you used, too. How can I integrate it in the video? I watched your help file/video, but didn’t succeed in implementing the music. I can’t hear it in the rendered file.

Thanks for your support.

Thanks for the good video. I’ve done it exactly like you did, but the music doesn’t stop automatically. Is it possible that ther are two versions of the music file?

With purchasing the music file “Life is Good” I received a file that is about 2:15 min long but I only need the version that stops at 1:07. Furthermore you used a mp3-format in your helpvideo but I only have a wav-format. Is this the

You’re support is great! Thanks for the fast help.

hi, please send me the wav file to , i will edit the music to fit the project for you,

Wow, what a great support. With your help it works perfectly now. Thank you