Space Pack

Space Pack

Solar Planets Space Pack

Updated for later Element 3D versions! Moon added!

2k, 4k, 8k RESOLUTION added!!!!

Space Pack with planets of Solar System was created to give an opportunity to create beautiful epic space scenes and animations using Element 3D, Optical Flares inside After Effects. There are no prerendered elements. Each element can be transformed and modified, changed and displaced. Sun Flare can be changed as well as it’s color. Expression Control will make this task much easier. Planets can be moved, rotated, scaled by these controls. This pack uses real textures with normal maps (Relief). You can move, scale or change each Nebula on background. Videotutorial will help you to modify this project easier.

Please read FAQ to find an answer on the most common question.


Main features

  • 1920×1080; 2k; 4; 8k; 30fps
  • REQUIRES Element 3D 2.2 and Optical Flares plugins
  • Not difficult to Change
  • Expression Control on the most important functions
  • Videotutorial Inside
  • Includes CS5.5 version
  • 6 template animations that can be also modified
  • 54 animations in general for all planets in all templates!
  • Any time user support

MUSIC is NOT included! Can be found here:

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