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    Item description

  • This item contains snow overlays with photorealistic snowflakes seperated in 3 groups of air density. Low air density, medium air density, high air density. Each group contains four different camera angle. From camera, to camera, left/right motion and normal motion. Also it contains 2 bonus clips of snow dust particles that you can use to conjure wind

    Technicial details

  • Full Hd 1920×1080 25 fps
  • Alpha channel – Quicktime photo png
  • Clip lenght 0:10
  • Seamlessly looped

    What is included

  • 12 snow clips seperated in 3 groups
  • 2 bonus snow clips with snow dust particles

    What is not included

  • Preview images are not included in main file
  • Sound fx files is not included in main file this time
  • Music file is not included in main file but thanks to audiojungle author Cyril Nikitin you can find it here:
  • Sad Inspiring Trailer – Cyril Nikitin

    • Tips and tricks

    • Try not to use snow clip on sunny backgrounds
    • Desaturate your footage, there is not much colors on cloudy day
    • Combine snow clips, try to put dust snow particles (bonus 1 or bonus 2)
    • Try to change footage color temperature slightly to blue
    • If you want get motion blur on snowflakes use effect “Pixel Motion Blur” inside After Effects
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