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I purchased this item, but your included instructions of ”...simply change the blend mode to “Add” and the black background will be removed…” don’t help me.

I have Sony Vegas. I click “Properties” on the .mov item and the only choices under or near Alpha channel are Undefined, None, Straight (unmatted), Premultiplied and Premultipled (dirty). I tried all of these and none work.

I tried Chroma Keyer, and that does remove the black background, but it leaves a gray outline around each snowflake. Please help!


Look into google how to setting up Add or Multiply types for vegas and you should be able to figure out how to setup your project file.

Right after I posed my question to you, I found the answer. At the bottom of the Chroma Keyer’s Video Event FX box, I needed to check “Show mask only”. That made everything perfect.

Thanks for the fast response, though.

And thanks for some great looking effects!


Using AVID and I do not see the alpha channel on import.

there is a README .txt file that tells you instructions on how to have it work. I believe you just need to change the transfer mode to screen and then add your video below it and it will show up.

Hi I want to use this with After Effects. I want to put the snow flakes on top of a picture but I can’t change the black background to transparent so that the picture bellow is seen. I guess this is called the Alpha Channel? Please help!! Is this file not compatible with After Effects?

Hi again. Never mind I found out how to make it transparent! Thanks!

Yep all your questions should be explained in the help file that is provided.

How do I remove the black background without requiring an image/video on the layer below, I want to use it on a live stream? Why didn’t you just create the mov with transparent background.

You are aware that mov files are not supported in a lot of video editing software now?

Ah sorry, I just looked at the file and you are correct. I have a few similar files and thought this was a different one. I believe you just need to change the transfer mode to ADD or SCREEN and the black background will go away.

The reason that this has a black background instead of an alpha channel is videohive use to have a limitation of 500mb per file which this exceeded.

The black doesn’t go away unless I add a video/image underneath, I need it completely transparent on its own, not on top of a video or image.It won’t even remove the background if I put a transparent background underneath.

Then you simply can add a white solid layer under the snowflakes layer. Then change the mode to luma matte.