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Cool idea! :) Very well done!

Thanks ;)

creative idea, thanks – looks good

Thanks to you :) If you like it, you can rate it ;)

Thank you again

Good job ! Congratualtions :)

Thanks :)

Great work, The4logo! I am glad to our cooperation :bigsmile:

Thanks! I am also :)

It says in the description this is a cs4 compatible file, but when i try to open it on my cs4 system, it says it can only be opened in cs5?

It’s so strange. Now check the problem. I am very sorry for the inconvenience, but don’t worry, resolve this problem immediately.

gallerymedia, you’re right. I’m so sorry. I was wrong to create the project file. If you want I can send you the correct file project

Bought it. Used it for our casino. enough said.

Thank you for purchase :)

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Great Idea.well done as always…

Very easy to edit. Thank you for this project.

Thank you very very much for purchasing :)

is it hard to to add 2 extra cubes?

If you know the basics of AE and know how to work with masks and compositions, it is not difficult. Only depends by your level of knowledge of software

Can you send me the CS4 project file?

Nevermind. I found it included in the archive.

Perfect! Thank you for choosing “Slot Machine” ;)


How can i start this work from static position?

We answered you via email ;)

I can’t open the project with after effect cs5 ( mac ) ! :’-(

Hi inmarstess and thank you for purchasing :) What’s exactly the problem? Does After Effects show you a message error? If yes, which one?

Have a nice day!


Hi. Is it possiblee to use the slot machine without the white background and add it to a video. And is it possible to change the icons of the cubes ?

Hello and thanks for contacting us! Yes, it is possible to change the icons of the cubes. It is also possible to replace the white background with a video, but it’s a non included feature. If you have a little confident with After Effects you will not have problems to manage it. We can also make the job for you if you need. Let we know contacting us here:

Have a nice day!

This type of editing looks awful in 2016. You should update the project, to make it “drag’n’drop” logo there into separate composition. Cuttin my image to separate 300×300 pics is annoying.

Hi, what I have to do for stopping with another combination? best regarts

Hi! Can you be more specific? Not sure I’ve understand what you mean with “stopping with another combination”.

Hey, I’m using CC17 and am having some problems with your template. Namely, images are not being cropped properly. cube 1 and cube logo/images are extending beyond the face. Also, when it comes to completion cube 2 is misaligned.

Hi ! Can you please contact us using the form in our profile page? We will happy to help you. Thanks!

great customer service! I had issues with using this in cc17. they were quick and informative. worked great, looks great!

Thanks for your feedback!

GREAT WORK !!! PERFECTLY DONE @360Design !!! Check out my new track from CASINO COLLECTION for $8 ONLY :) :) :)


Thank you mate! :)