Six Digital Clocks 4k

Six Digital Clocks 4k

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UPDATED to Version 2 in 4k (4096×1620)

Six Digital Clocks 4k are six different animated digital clock faces. Each clock is a one minute Quicktime animation that ‘counts’ from 00:00 to 59:59. Clock faces are 4k (4096×1620) in size.

Two separate frame rates are included! Get both 30p and 24p versions, perfect for either video or film-based projects!

Use them in motion graphics, as animated textures for 3D, as webpage elements, or‚ well anything. They’re super-useful! And don’t forget, you can time-reverse the animation and get countdowns from 59:59 to 00:00. Perfect for bombs or microwaves or other things.

A 2k version is available here:

You can get Six More Digital Clocks, six completely new designs, here:

• Two styles, LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) and LED (Light Emitting Diode)
• Five color variations: Amber, Blue, Green, Red, and White
• 4k Resolution (4096×1620)
• Counts from 00:00 to 59:59
• Two Frame Rates (30p & 24p)
• :60 Long

What’s Included:
• Twelve 4096×1620 Quicktime Photo-JPEG .mov’s

If you LIKE it, RATE it! (And if you don’t like it, tell me why so I can make it better.)

If you have any questions or comments about Six Digital Clocks 4k please send me a message through my profile page.