Discussion on SIMPLE - Parallax Photo Gallery

Discussion on SIMPLE - Parallax Photo Gallery

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I have problems with the Color Presets. Each image is displayed with an unsightly milky pale look when it is dragged into the composition. Changings in the Color Correction Layer doesn’t work even if all checkboxes are unchecked or if the Layer is deleted, nothing happens. Any idea how i can get rid of this… THX Missi

the project is finished except the color correction. therefore it would be good to solve the problem without doing everything again. doing everything again would be a huge effort really!

Ok. You need to open “Modify Image 1,2,3 etc.” Uncheck “shy layers” switch. And Delete all layers except your image layer.

—- —-

You’ll have to do it with all compositions with images. That’s the fastest way to fix this problem without doing everything again.

Contact me via e-mail. And i’ll send you fixed version for your future projects.

Ok thank you!

Hi. I have just purchased the project. How do I remove all the text-part … (sub)titles and placeholders? Can I do that in one action? Naming of the layers (in different images) are not consistent. Difficult to work with.

Hello! I’m new to AE and your template is the first template I’m diving into. I love the format but am having difficulties enlarging the text without it cutting off. I’ve been digging around to see if I can figure it out on my own but have come up empty. Thank you for your guidance!

Hello, Please send me a screen shot with your problem to Thank you.

what is the degree of modularity? are there many differences with simple 2.0?

simple and simple v.2 are absolutely different projects. with different animation and effects. and resolution as well

Ok sorry, what i really want to understand is the level of modularity of this template.

v2 has modular structure. v.1 – not.

Hello. I just purchased the template and try to use it in AE cc. For unknown reason, it doesn’t work well. The imported colorful pictures are grey and there are many expression-errors. For me the whole template does not work! please help.

My Version : CS 6 OS : Windows 10_64bit CPU : i7 4770 RAM : DDR3 32GB SSD used.

Hello. Contact me vie e-mail from my profile page.

Thank you.

I bought your project. I have same problem with px-bro (GRAY) I need update file. Please.

It’s done. Check it.

Hola, tengo el mismo problema de feribodi, mi adobe esta en el idioma español, mi template no funciona con adobe español. my template does not work with Spanish adobe

hello. please contact me via e-mail:

Check your e-mail

Hello. I just purchased the template and try to use it in AE cc. For unknown reason, it doesn’t work well. The imported colorful pictures are grey and there are many expression-errors. For me the whole template does not work! please help.

Hello. Please contact me vie email: and i’ll send you an updated project with working expressions.

I changed the language of AE to english and now it works fine! This is really annoying and it should be only in english… ;)

well, anyway, if you wish, i can send you a version that works on any language of AE. If so – =)

Hello, I just purchased this project and have an issue Im hoping you can help me with.

Im using photos which are smaller than 19201080, and i would really like to not scale them up so as to not mess up their resolution.

I noticed that for your 1280720 render option u take the regular 1080 project and downscale the whole thing.

I was hoping that there could be a way to use the 1280*720 exports – but to keep my photos at their original size, so that they would NOT scale down.

Hope you understand what I mean..


Hello. Render a project at 720p. There will be no loss in quality.

Idea and implementation are at professional level. Congrats. :)


How come iMovie doesn’t work with this? Is there another program I can use?

Hello. This template is for Adobe After Effects only.

Hey there – just having a slight issue with the template. I’m using it to transition between video clips – when I drag clips onto the main project, I can see my clips along with the transitions but the out of focus/ blurred parts of the trailer video show up as white boxes with no opacity also the transitions are not nearly as smooth – is there any insight you have into this issue, I’m new to ae so I could use some help.

Thank you very much

Hi. can you make a small prerender?? and give me a link, so i could see it by myself? Or may be screen shots so i could understand the problem.

Thank you so much for your quick reply – I managed to sort out the issue I was having!

Oh great! Good Luck =)

modeon was here!


on your demo, text 11 have the word: “POSITIVE” and it shows 2 times. one after the other one. is it possible to make it shown only 1 time? so on the first time I will write MY TEXT 1 and on the second time I will write MY TEXT 2

thank you.

Hello. Yes it’s possible. 1: Duplicate “Modify_Title_11” and edit it. 2: Goto: “03. Project_Construction \ Done_Images” and open “Image_Done_08” 3: Locate layer #8 and select it. 4: Hold ALT button and drag your new Title_11_Copy over “Modify_Title_11” layer. This will relink old text with new one.

Here’s a screenshot:

Hi, I just bought your project. I would like to use it for more than 20 images so I will rander it twice or more and combin it all together but the issue is that I would like to remove the end of the video with the “Thank you for watching” and with the website address. I don’t need it.

Please let me know how I can remove it.

thank you.

Hello. In your layers unlock “Main_Project” layer and double click on it. Locate “Image_Done_10” layer and hide it. Thats it. Don’t forget to make main composition shorter after that. 1m 15 sec is the place to crop it and combine with second one.

great! thank you.

I bought this, but it’s doest work with After Effects CC. Are you going to offer it as a CC version?

Hello. Are there any error messages when you’re opening it in AE CC?

Howdy, I like your template but being new to this, I have a couple of questions. Am I restricted to 20 photos? if not, would I be able to add additional photos timeline.. E.G 200 photos


Hi. You’re limited to 20 photos. but you can make several renders with different photos and then make one video from them.

You’re just like Apple inc.


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