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Thats Great! :)

Thank you neuron FX :)

Thank you osunoo :)

Professional Very Nice. CRS !

Thanks a lot :)

Cool project :)

Thank you Wilq5

looking good especially cubes color i like it good luck with sales

Thanks a lot bobbannil

very nice! Well done mate! :)

Many thanks mate

professional looking template!

Thanks a lot arleksey

fantastic work man!

Thank you madejune :)

very nice “cok guzel”

Thanks a lot mate :)

great looks :)

Thanks Wynio :)

The audio is very exciting and danceable ! :D U did a great job man!

Thanks so much…

Really neat work mate, love it!
Wish you many sales! :)

Thanks a lot Final_step

Thanks Artem200800

Very nice work! 5+ :)

Thanks a lot mate :)

Very nice. I’m on a deadline and was just wondering if it has a long render time?

I’m on an iMac with 2.66GHZ Intel Core i5 (14gb ram)

Could you give me a rough idea please.

Thanks a lot.

Hi pure rollers, Thanks for your interest.This file not so heavy,It would render for maximum 1.30 hrs.

Thanks a lot.

Is there any chance you could please send me the font used?

I would really appreciate it.

sure, i shall do it , please send me mail through my profile page.

I have used it and its lite, smooth and easy, thanks a lot

Thanks a lot for your kind words

Can Showcase be used with videos or just photos?

Hi, Thanks for your interest. Sure you can put your video also.

It’s possible to extend the duration of each scene (cube)? Let’s say one to 2 minutes, other to 3 minutes and another to 30 seconds?


Yes,it is possible,if u know after effects

Nice template Sukraa! I have already manipulated the color and like you say, the file is well organized! Good work! My question is: Do you have documentation on the Extendable duration. I am new to after effects and any help in this matter would be wonderful.

Thanks in advance!

kindly drop a mail through my profile page, I shall surely help. Thanks