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Very unique and interesting. What program/plug-Ins are you using for this?

One thought. These might do better (in terms of sales) if you rendered these at at least 2K (2.5K?) and either made them fit the field completely, or provide alpha masks. As explosions, or other effects (in an interface design, and one idea I had was to use them as a Chakra light within a masked area to illustrate the principle of Kundalini ‘rising’) these would need to be complete to the edge. At a larger size, and constrained to a visible are, the applicability of such cool mot graphics is increased exponentially.

Happy sales to you…

Oh, I beg your pardon.I thought these were motion graphics. A project?! Great…perfect. I’ll pick up a copy!

Yes,This is a 100% AE project,you can change everything!
I had thought about alpha masks,if I add alpha masks it will lose some details,So I think the best way is use layer blend mode ,such as “Add”,“Screen”

Its Great! GLWS!


Great work!

Very nice work ….... !!

very nice project, good luck with the sales ;)

Cool project! Congrats!

Wow..Excellent job !!!

Great file mate! Excellent!

Very nice work!

Very interesting effect !Wish you more sales ! :)

very nice project, good luck with the sales