Discussion on Shatter

Discussion on Shatter

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does this all in AE? NO 3d prerender?

The close up scene, where the glass slowly flies toward the camera is a pre-rendered element from Cinema4D. Thanks.

I’m sold, but not by this audio, but by the one you used in the video demo. Is there anywhere I could get a copy of that one?

Thanks, A.

Yes, you can follow the green banner at the bottom of the file page. Thanks!

Hi, lol I ment the sound that is in the background (you overlaid the sound effect for the glass on top of that)

Thanks, A.

My bad :) Contact that very same audiojungle author, he will hook you up with the track quickly. Thanks again.

I like it but it’s very confusing. How long is the actual logo intro?

You get the 10 seconds version that is the shatter reveal itself + you get the 3 min project file that was composed for the videohive preview.

Hey I love this item! Can I contact you via email? I have a couple important questions that I wish to keep private. Thanks!

Sure, go ahead :)

Thanks, already did through your site

Hi, I emailed through your site webform but did not get a response.

Just mailed you back friend. Sorry for the delay. Cheers!

Thanks! Also, I am trying to locate the music track for this preview. You have a hyperlink for the SFX file but not the music. I have contacted the creator and haven’t heard back. Do you know which music track you used with this? Jay

Hey Jay, thesecession is the only one having the rights to sell the track. It’s probably the holidays that hold him from writing back. Give him some time. He is usually pretty quick answering emails. He’ll be able to hook you up with the track as soon as he’s online. Thanks.

really impressive, you have very interesting ideas

Thank you!

Can I use this for a 10 minute video? Would I just reloop it basically? Can the duration and speed of everything be easily adjusted?

Also wanted to know the same thing for Space Odyssey. I love that template too. Is the Particular v2.0 plug in a free plugin? (I am a total newb with AE :p)

Love your work, keep it up!

Hey, well there are not controls for speed and duration in particular. You could render a few instances of the template then stitch them back together in Ae or Premier or whatever you use. This way you could make it as long as you wish.

As for space odyssey – the project is build by many small scenes so you could easily move around, add or delete one. Particular is paid plug-in, made by “Red Giant Sofware”. Google it for more information, it’s quite popular. Let me know if you have any more questions before or after purchasing.



I love your work! This looks great, one question… I do not want to use the closeup. I was wondering if the Shatter itself is seamless without the closeup cutaway?

Thanks, Tim

hey, the close up is a pre-rednered 3D video file. It could easily switched off in the file so you can easily render without it. Hope this helps.


Will this work in Final Cut straight away once bought? And do you add my name to the thing or I have to add it??

Cause when I click buy it just takes me to paypal

This is an after effects template. It needs to be edited in adobe after effects and then exported to a video format Final Cut can recognize. It comes with video tutorial included. Please, make sure you read the information provided on the page before purchasing.


hi, in the readme.txt you said that:

“This Project has pre-rendered glass footage using CINEMA 4D. The Cinema 4D file is included.”

But the file is not included jet! Do you can help me to download the file?

I need it to change the image reflected in the glass.


Hello, if you have questions regarding a template – pleasse, message me (or write a comment) via the username/account you used to purchase the file.


Cool work. But nobody wants to see a 15 second intro. That is WAY too long. change it to 3 seconds and I bet you will see more customers.

Oh I am more than fine. Thanks for your input though.

More than fine eh? well then i’m more than happy for ya! and no problem sir. keep up the work!

Is it possible to render just the wide shot of the shatter in AE without the closeup? Meaning is it a full seamless shot without closeup? Thank you