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Some words about the project

Hi guys. It’s “sharp” template so be careful :).The 3D environment is ALREADY pre-rendered. Just put your logo/texts in AE project. Easy customize and fast rendering are the keys here. Please don’t forget to rate!


* resolution – FullHD(1920×1080),framerate – 24 fps
* CS4 and above
* option for text and logo for the last placeholder
* no plugin needed
* all in one project
* fast rendering (7 mins on i7 core quad)
* videotutorial – 13 minutes
* cameras included (you can add your custom elements and FX in 3D space)

Audio FX and audio track

* audio fx ARE included (projector fx, scream and sharp tools). Scream is separate so YOU CAN disable it. * guitar track at the end IS NOT included but if you like it you can find it HERE

Don’t forget to rate!

* contact me 24/7 via my profile page if you have questions about the project

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