SEO Explainer Opener

SEO Explainer Opener

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SEO Explainer is Perfect For:

  • SEO Company Promotion
  • Marketing Website / Company / Service Promotion
  • Online Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing Intro
  • Internet Marketing company video
  • Typo opener
  • Animated text opener
  • Software company video
  • Shape Animation Opener
  • Vector Animation Opener
  • 2D Text animation opener


  • Separate color controller for the contact page at the end
  • No Plugins required.
  • 1080p, 720p ready made render versions.
  • 2 Mins Long
  • Super Fast Render
  • Contains Video Tutorial targeted for basic users of AE showing how to edit text according to your script and change color of the contact details page
  • CS4 and above

Music & Fonts:

Music is by Depard. It is not included with the purchase. But you can buy it from here

Font links are given in the purchase file.

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