Seamless Loop Kinetic Posters

Seamless Loop Kinetic Posters


Bonus! Demo montage.aep / Click to buy soundrack Adrenaline Cyberpunk



Dear customer, this project can be used as an endless poster in a presentation, for billboard video screens, you can also place it as a standby mode for broadcasting or concert mapping. It can also be used as typographic titles.

board-1 board-2 board-3 board-4 board-5 board-6


All colors are fully customizable / Two projects – BW and Color

32-Circle-18-sec-loop 33-Universe-04s-loop 31-4x-Swiss-posters-29-sec-loop 29-2x-Rings-16-sec-loop 30-Rectangle-05-sec-loop 28-Ring-12-sec-loop 23-funnel-14sec-loop 27-bulb-dark-09-sec-loop 26-bulb-06-sec-loop 25-Loop-screen-04-sec-loop 24-bend-10-sec-loop 22-Rotator-06-sec-loop 21-Gravity-15-sec-loop 19-Stripe-grid-24sec-loop 20-Stripe-hurricane-06sec-loop 18-Stripe-mobius-24sec-loop 14-Rubik-04-loop-16s 17-Stripe-6sec-loop 16-Rubik-06-12s-loop 15-Rubik-05-loop-16s 13-Rubik-03-loop-5s 12-Rubik-02-loop-12s 09-Dome-09-sec-loop 11-Rubik-01-loop-08s 10-square-07-sec-loop 08-Roll-10-sec-loop 05-5xknots-15s-loop 07-Oil-10-sec-loop 06-wave-08-sec-loop 04-snake-knots-15s-loop 01-2x-Rolling-vertical-15s-loop 03-4xconus-roll-15s-loop 02-2x-Rolling-04-sec-loop

Color Look

13-Rubik-03-loop-5s 16-Rubik-06-12s-loop 04-snake-knots-15s-loop 29-2x-Rings-16-sec-loop 18-Stripe-mobius-24sec-loop 23-funnel-14sec-loop-2 26-bulb-06-sec-loop 22-Rotator-16-sec 07-Oil-20-sec-loop 14-Rubik-04-loop-16s 03-4xconus-roll-15s-loop 30-Rectangle-05-sec-loop 20-Stripe-hurricane-06sec-loop 09-Dome-09-sec-loop 08-Roll-10-sec-loop 12-Rubik-02-loop-12s 24-bend-10-sec-loop 25-Loop-screen-11-sec-loop 01-2x-Rolling-vertical-15s-loop 28-Ring-12-sec-loop 31-4x-Swiss-posters-29-sec-loop 10-square-07-sec-loop 17-Stripe-6sec-loop 06-wave-08-sec-loop 02-2x-Rolling-04-sec-loop 15-Rubik-05-loop-16s 27-bulb-dark-09-sec-loop 21-Gravity-15-sec-loop-1 05-5xknots-15s-loop 11-Rubik-01-loop-08s 33-Universe-04s-loop 32-Circle-18-sec-loop 19-Stripe-grid-24sec-loop

Main Features

  • 33 Loop Posters
  • Color setup and BW setup projects
  • Demo motage project adapted for intro. Duration 01:20
  • Infinity duration
  • Customizable colors
  • Ae CC2015 and above
  • 1920×1080
  • IGTV 1080×1920
  • Easy to edit
  • Video tutorial included
  • Well Organized
  • No plug-ins required
  • Free font links in archive
  • Sound not included
  • Great sound here : Adrenaline Cyberpunk & Sport Electro by BrainMire

  • Release (09-25-2019) 
    + First Released Version 33 Loop Posters (16:9)
    Update V2 (09-27-2019) 
    + Color and BW setup
    + Bonus Demo Montage Aep
    Update V3 (10-06-2019) 
    + 33 Vertical IGTV (9:16)
    Update V4 (Next week) 
    + New Posters (16:9 and 9:16)

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