Seamless Loop Kinetic Posters

Seamless Loop Kinetic Posters

01-a-text 02-text 03 11 Poster-189 Poster-206 Poster-190 Poster-210 Poster-94 Poster-203 Poster-184 Poster-144 Poster-200 Poster-188 Poster-197 Poster-152 Poster-195 Poster-33 Poster-196 Poster-172 Poster-99 Poster-183 Poster-59 Poster-202 Poster-43 Poster-187 Poster-52 Poster-07 Poster-169 Poster-39 Poster-170 Poster-47 Poster-89 Poster-180 Poster-04 Poster-181 Poster-177 Poster-119 Poster-130 Poster-178 Poster-30 Poster-173 Poster-101 Poster-212 Poster-213 Poster-198 Poster-199 Poster-111 Poster-91 Poster-92 Poster-90 Poster-171 Poster-93 Poster-85 Poster-95 Poster-201 Poster-176 Poster-42 Poster-122 Poster-25 Poster-05 Poster-125 Poster-132 Poster-207 Poster-204 Poster-205 Poster-208 Poster-209 Poster-211 Poster-84 Poster-191 Poster-86 Poster-87 Poster-128 Poster-88 Poster-179 Poster-114 Poster-57 Poster-36 Poster-40 Poster-44 Poster-174 Poster-45 Poster-186 Poster-126 Poster-137 Poster-96 Poster-120 Poster-127 Poster-54 Poster-78 Poster-166 Poster-29 Poster-16 Poster-17 Poster-175 Poster-14 Poster-81 Poster-82 Poster-106 Poster-58 Poster-185 Poster-60 Poster-141 Poster-24 Poster-61 Poster-62 Poster-63 Poster-129 Poster-83 Poster-53 Poster-67 Poster-64 Poster-182 Poster-164 Poster-113 Poster-37 Poster-49 Poster-38 Poster-163 Poster-168 Poster-41 Poster-51 Poster-145 Poster-121 Poster-46 Poster-50 Poster-68 Poster-194 Poster-112 Poster-34 Poster-35 Poster-21 Poster-22 Poster-11 Poster-23 Poster-124 Poster-13 Poster-103 Poster-192 Poster-26 Poster-19 Poster-27 Poster-28 Poster-18 Poster-02 Poster-12 Poster-100 Poster-32 Poster-116 Poster-109 Poster-06 Poster-167 Poster-08 Poster-09 Poster-10 Poster-15 Poster-01 Poster-03 Poster-153 Poster-154 Poster-155 Poster-108 Poster-160 Poster-156 Poster-157 Poster-158 Poster-55 Poster-151 Poster-193 Poster-102 Poster-104 Poster-107 Poster-105 Poster-48 Poster-97 Poster-131 Poster-98 Poster-118 Poster-138 Poster-139 Poster-140 Poster-31 Poster-142 Poster-74 Poster-143 Poster-20 Poster-146 Poster-147 Poster-76 Poster-148 Poster-149 Poster-134 Poster-135 Poster-80 Poster-136 Poster-159 Poster-161 Poster-162 Poster-123 Poster-110 Poster-165 Poster-150 Poster-65 Poster-77 Poster-66 Poster-117 Poster-115 Poster-69 Poster-70 Poster-71 Poster-56 Poster-72 Poster-73 Poster-75 Poster-79 constuctor-1 Kinetic-countdowns 04-text 05-text 06-text 07 08-1 09-1 10

Main Features

  • 213 Loop Posters + 11 Kinetic Countdowns (1 minute each)
  • Infinity duration
  • 100% After Effects
  • Any fonts
  • Fully customizable colors + color presets TAB (about 40 trend color profiles)
  • Real poster paper presets TAB
  • Ae CC2015 and above
  • Any aspect ratio
  • 30FPS
  • 2k available
  • Easy to edit
  • Video tutorial included
  • Well Organized
  • No plug-ins required
  • Free font links in archive
  • Sound not included

Sound-1 Sound-2

  • Great sound here : Adrenaline Cyberpunk & Sport Electro by BrainMire, Stylish Sport & Dirty Trap by BrainMire, Action & Trailer Sport Percussion Pack by BrainMire, Inspired Synthwave Electro by BrainMire, Aggressive Dance Techno by Antracto, Jingle Bells Energetic Uplifting Christmas Logo by audiocook, Energy Aggressive Sport Dance by BrainMire
  • Great SFX here : 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

  • History

    v.15 (XX-XX-2020) soon 
    + 16 Posters (in progress)
    v.14 (20-10-2020)
    + 16 Posters
    v.13 (10-05-2020)
    + 16 Posters
    v.12 (10-03-2020) 
    + 16 Posters
    v.11.5 (08-26-2020)
    + All posters were changed and the project became more convenient. 
    +Some posters the controllers, speed and duration have changed. 
    +Simplified work with ready-made color settings. 
    +Changed textures. 
    +Added tutorial for rendering in Ae and Me.
    +Changed tutorial for monochrome settings.
    +Added alternative links 
    *Note! addition 6 (countdowns) has not changed
    **Old links will be unavailable soon
    v.11 (06-15-2020)
    + 16 posters
    v.10 (06-12-2020)
    + 16 posters
    v.09 (06-03-2020)
    + 20 posters
    + Glass constructor - 20 animated glass items 
    v.8.5 (05-04-2020)
    + optimized version
    v.08 (04-14-2020)
    + 16 Posters
    v.07.5 (03-23-2020) 
    + Monochrome colors presets Tab (about 40 built-in presets)
    + Real papers textures Tab (several built-in presets)
    v.07 (03-08-2020) 
    + 16 Posters
    v.06 (02-13-2020) 
    + 16 Posters
    v.05 (01-15-2020) 
    + 16 Posters
    v.04 (12-15-2019)
    + 11 Countdowns 
    v.03 (11-09-2019) 
    + 16 Posters
    v.02 (10-18-2019) 
    + 16 Posters
     Release v.01 (09-24-2019) 
    + 16 Posters

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