Discussion on Reincarnation

Discussion on Reincarnation

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Huge fan of your work as you know, but I felt this one lacked from the others. I think the text just looks a bit too plain.. there wasn’t enough visual excitement for me as your other work has been which is what makes it so epic and amazing :D

Looking forward to seeing your next project…

Thanks man, appreciate your attention. Maybe you will like it better the next time :)

Optical flare manage for you are the best.

:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :):):):)

wish your all the best Pro! InlifeThrill

as i saw the preview Dobs, you are the man here! Congrats!

Great work as usual man… ;)

great template!!!! good work….no…amazing work, it’s your work ;D

Urrgghh… my account deposit goin to be empty… if you keep producing this kind of good projects… urrghh… hehe another good project bro… congrates :)

Thanks guys :) You are all great!

very nice job, again

thanks dude. You’ve benn doin some awesome work lately :)

Regards, inlife

awesome work! before i buy it can you plz tell me if i can change the duration of the placeholder video? e.g. if i want to insert a 30 sec video in a 10 sec placeholder.

Hey friend, you could do it of course but it will need some afx skills. Depends on you friend. If you cant do it yourself – I will make you a video tut :) Just let me know.

Regards, inlife

it will really really help if you can make me a tutorial for it. will you charge extra for it…?

you can mail me directly at am in a bit of a rush, so your help will be much appreciated.

hey man i emailed you just now about some help with the project. plz check.

i have a question,... when i send u a e-mail, can i get the sound track for free?

i have been trying to get a response for days…normally you are quick…I really need the soundtrack

Hi There

i would like to buy this project with soundtrack & sound effects which already included…

Thanks Sener,