Radiolaria Trailer

Radiolaria Trailer

*Trapcode Particular, Optical Flares, Element 3D are required to be able to edit this template.

This started out as a fun project which I was working on whenever I had some spare time. It is actually my first project in which I use 3D objects and third party plugins that involve 3D space.

Inspired by those old NASA space videos, I started to work on this project some time ago and finally when this contest came along I decided to make it into a video trailer.

Radiolaria are microscopical tiny organisms that just look awesome and come in many different shapes. Ernst Haeckel was the first to draw radiolaria in great detail.

The “old VHS TV” effects were inspired by anime such as Stein’s Gate and Cowboy Bebop.

This template can be used for a variety of purposes and would be best used as a trailer.


  • 15 Text Placeholders
  • 4 Video Placeholders
  • Video Footage not included but can be downloaded below
  • Plugins needed: Trapcode Particular, Optical Flares, Element 3D
  • Control Flare Colors Easily
  • Video Tutorial included
  • 1920×1080 FULL HD
  • After Effects CS6 and higher (Universalized Expressions)
  • Sound effects included
  • Camera movements are baked in keyframes


The font that is used is free for download. SteelTongs


Music Tracks
The music is not included within the project but can be bought separately from our dear friends at AudioJungle.

Intense Hybrid Trailer Intro 2 – Martijn de Bont

Sound effects
All the sound effects are public domain and are included within the project file.

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Don’t have After Effects? Or need me to do a customization for you? Please contact me through my profile page.


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Chaotic Atmospheres for their 3D Radiolaria help

Quba HQ’s Chromatic Abberation script