Radar Screen Kit

Radar Screen Kit

Radar Screen Kit is a small kit of radar screens and elements for creating your own interface graphics. You get fullscreen, ready-to-use Quicktimes as well as five additional elements for you to customize.

There are four radar screens, each 10:00 long seemlessly looping. There are also three additional animated icons.

The fullscreen radar is 1920×1080 while the other three radar screens are all 2k – 2048×2048.

That’s seven individual elements ready to use in your project!

Radar Screen Kit was created with screen replacement graphics for film and television in mind. Use the package to help tell your story!

Use them as visual effects elements, in motion graphics, as animated 3D textures, as webpage elements, or‚ well anything!

The music in the Preview Video is “Chills”. It can be purchased here:

• One HD (1920×1080) animation
• Three 2k (2048×2048) animations
• Three animated icons
• 00:10 long
• Seemlessly loopable

What’s Included:
• Seven HD Quicktimes (ProRes)

If you LIKE it, RATE it! (And if you don’t like it, tell me why so I can make it better.)

If you have any questions or comments about Radar Screen Kit please send me a message through my profile page.