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Very nice project, BUT… unfortunately I´ve found that you did not include a “Beach” or “Seashore” background within the available backgrounds… It will be a great if you could please include it as an update of your great project soon because we, drone lovers, do a lot of seashore videos. Apart of that, kudos for your great work!

I can say what I can do ¯\(ツ)

Hey bfg9000, I bought the project file for the animation at the end at :58 with the grayscale drone landing on the logo. Is that not included in the project file? I can’t find it.

Perfect, thanks!!

Hi bfg 9000, sorry for my english i will do my best :o) i just bought this product very nice, but i think i miss th project file the place holder.on copter. I want to put logo and text on the body battery. I saw on your démo. Thank you.

Is it possible to get the exact project files of the demo (not the footage) but the project sequence. I anticipated that project when I purchased. It fits perfectly with my drone footage.

Could you please respond. It would be nice customer service to get an answer.

I’m sorry for the late reply, but in this project you can not change the background to your drone footage.

Thank you! I will change my rating.

Thank you MoCee

Hello my friend. This is a great file. I love it and I bought it already. However, can you make one with the Inspire Drone in Black so it looks like the new Inspire 2?

very cool, I liked it, great work. I wish many sales

Good job! Good luck and more sales! :)


would defenitly buy if you could alpha the BG and change to Inspire 2 or even just make the body charcoal