Promocraft is a modular promo kit for After Effects bundled with everything you need to get started creating awesome, dynamic, tailored promo videos

Included within Promocraft are three pre-scripted animations for you to customise and render. Leave them as they are, or simply swap out text, change the character appearance and tweak the background colours and boom, a brand new promo tailored to you or your client.

Build scenes quickly and easily with an extensive library of pre-animated elements and seamless looping drag and drop clips.

Choose a background, drag and drop it into the scene. Choose a text animation, add your text, drag and drop it into the scene. Design your character, choose an animation then… Well you get the idea.

Choose from a HUGE range of hair styles, accessories, facial features, clothing and much much more for thousands of possible character combinations.. Quickly create your own set of characters with just a few clicks.

Change colours quickly and easily. Skin tone, hair style, clothing colours, everything is customisable for you to design your very own dream team of presenters!

Nothing helps add impact to a video message like a beautifully animated icon, and Promocraft has loads!

Change your text and then drag and drop the clips you need into your timeline. Simple! 25 completely editable text animations to choose from!

Happy, sad, angry or confused? Add a little emotion to your piece with one of our animated emoticons (goes great with a large slice of type)!

Our step-by-step walkthrough guide will help you with every stage of customising this template. From editing text to designing your own character. Changing the colour of the background to building your first scene. Our video walkthrough will help you get the most out of Promocraft, but if you still have questions, just get in touch via our profile page.

Short of time, need help customising the template or want some custom clothing designs or animated icons that aren’t already included in Promocraft? Just let us know, we would be happy to help with the customisation or to add in some new elements to the template for you and everybody else to play around with.

email: support@smudgethis,com


Character rig created using DUIK tools by Duduf