Project HexEarth

Project HexEarth

Hi everyone,

This is Project HexEarth, a series of three clips. The general idea is to provide a map of Earth’s lands, pictured as a hexagonal grid, emerging into view in various ways. These animations can be used as backgrounds, or perhaps an overlay between the background and your main content. Useful for things like news headlines, or in smaller size – as a part of an interface with a sci-fi or technology feel.

All clips that belong to this project consist of three monochrome sequences:

1. Main Render, showing the most detail;

2. Alpha Channel, providing transparency for the main sequence. This can be used optionally, as the render sequence can be used in screen/additive compositing modes, which can well do without additional alpha. However, the transparency channel in this sequence will help mix different effects, for example compositing the main render in overlay mode, but not having the black background affect anything.

3. The Top Hexes layer. The elements of the hexagonal grid that makes up the lands’ map are 3D. Each cell is an actual hexagonal prism – in animations, they extend upwards. This bonus Top Hexes sequence is an additional mask containing only the top bases of the prisms, allowing for additional effects and/or masking.

1. Each sequence is 250 frames (10 seconds @ 25 fps) long.
2. Their resolution is 1920×1080
3. Each comes to a full stop, eased out at the end – so if you’d like (you probably will) to keep the image on screen for extended time, just use the last (#250) frame from appriopriate sequence.
4. All of them are neutrally monochrome for easy and unbiased coloring.


The video preview contains low-res shots of each sequence, overlain with some additional information. What you get in the package are of course the animations themselves, free from any overlay.

The “Example Composite” sections of the video preview are purely samples of the clips’ usage and are NOT contained within the package.

Thank you very much for stopping by, I hope you like these assets. If you do, please don’t forget to rate  :)

Obviously, please feel free to ask me anything.


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