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Discussion on Party

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Excelente trabajo me encanto, felicitaciones.

Gracias nestorma!

I’am Korean, so i can’t english very well , ha-ha

Thank You !Thank You !

June 2013.

Thanks very much for offering this as the free file of the month.

I hope people who download it also check out your Portfolio.

All the best!

Thanks for mentioning the Portfolio Night Owl ;-) All the best to you too

It’s a pleasure! Thank you for liking it.

I’am very grateful to you for sharing this for free. Great stuff and probably a lot of work. Thanks a lot!

Very grateful for your feedback. Had a lot of fun doing it so it was easy breezy ;)

Great Job its verry well done and easy to use/understand.

Great to hear you like it! Thank you!


I just purchased this project. But when I open it in After Effects CC the 22 files are missing from the project. I have tried to reconnect the files but it does not work. Any suggestions on what to do?

Awesome! It’s great to hear that part was sorted. (Though it already worked on more than a few PCs)

Regarding moving the Black bar bit (not sure where you’ve removed the text layer) In general, it has to be done through the main (or slave) comps rather than within the placeholders themselves.
Then, you’ll have to Scale and Reposition the IMAGE_PLACEHOLDER layer within these comps (moving or scaling the X,Y axis only) to fill the entire “Screen”

This is an example of moving 1 Image placeholder, if you want to get rid of all the black bars you’ll go into each comp and repeat the process. If that wasn’t clear, there’s always the contact bit on my profile page which we can take on from there …

Thanks it’s working now.

Sweeeeeet! Good to hear, hit me up if there’s anything else you want through the profile page .

Cool work! Nice project!

haha, thanks man, can’t believe thats 4.5 years ago already! :) time flies!