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very nice idea! :)

Thank you!

Nice work buddy :)

that was a nice idea :) I just thinking of this idea for over 2 months could not make it due to work load . great work dude:)

Thank you very much , your projects are very good too. It is a good technique , you can do many things, but it’s true that it takes a long time to do them. I appreciate your comment.

Wow, thank you very much! You are also very good, I recently start , your comment is very encouraging.

Impressive work! Good for you!

This is great!

Thanks, your comment is very encouraging.

Good work! Well done!!!

Thanks you.

Excellent work !!

Thank you very much!

It is an honor that you just praise me. I recently start , your comment is very encouraging.

Useful stuff !

Thank you very much!

Hi guys, any means to get the particles to look as though they’re heading into the image – e.g. putting it together? let me know if so. :)

hey Pressrender, i’m trying to figure out how to remove the background from this so that i could layer this footage onto more footage in Premiere pro. please help! thanks

Hi dcray1, i don’t understand what are you trying to do. Please send me your AE file with the images to see better what are you attempting to do. If you are trying to use the “Particle look builder” as a video in to Premiere, you should export a Quicktime Movie with an alpha channel on it. Hope this works for you.

Excellent work!

Thank you very much!

Will this work with green-screen keyed footage as well?

Hi molotov cocktail, yes it will work, in fact, it will work with any footage with an alpha channel on it.

1. Select any file with alpha channel on it (chroma video, masked images, PNG files, PSD files, etc.) 2. Place it on the particles composition and render it as a QuickTime movie with an alpha on it. 3. Use this QT movie clip it to increase your workflow speed.

Hope this help you.

When will the 4K version release?

Hello overtirefx, i don’t think so. Thanks for your interest.

Would it produce particles out of a video with alpha channel?

Yes, but you will get better results using still images or with little movement.