Discussion on Organic forms

Discussion on Organic forms

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Beautiful ! Outstanding design !
I LOVE this one, very well done !
Wish you a lot of sales mate ! :)

Very nice and sleek design!

Damn, I love this work! :grin: Great music choice, project is done with soul :smitten: Awesome project, bro!

Thank you, friends!

Very nicely turned out! Cool!

OK, You got me… Your “Render Me!” Comp only Renders the Last Picture, Text, and closing Text…

Where the rest and how do I get the entire package to Render… I’ve purchased several (16+) and I’ve not had this issue… What Gives?

Please assist!


Still Trying… Re-Done Everything and then used one of you own Renders and still do not get the whole video!

I guess I need some hand-holding but I followed your instructions explicitly and still can not get it to render correctly.

I’ve not had this problem with any of the other downloads. And, I will admit I’m new to Adobe After Effects but this is getting very frustrating… How can a “Render Me” comp with everything it it only render the last portion?

The only changes I made were to the text and added pictures to the noted place holders and that’s it…

Please Help


I think I’ve got it…

Looks like you saved and uploaded the .aep file without testing a final test render…

The “Work Area” (Slider) was not positioned correctly; so it was only rendering the work-area that was set by you.

Please be more careful; you could have saved me a lot of frustration if only you had tested your included instructions and made a final render to see if all of it rendered correctly.

I am currently rendering it now but it looks like this one is going to work… if not, I’ll let you know of course.



Hello! Thank you that bought my project and you’re right – the error was in incorrectly set the slider. Now I have sent a request to correct an archive file of the project and it will be replaced soon. I am very sorry that this has taken away your time. I suggest to you to choose any design from my portfolio and I will send it to you free of charge as compensation.

- Alex

hi, i need to add two more placeholders in this template. Can i do that? Is it possible that you can send the link of the music for me to purchase? thank you

You can add placeholders easily. Please, send me email on

OK, message sent

Strange, but I get an error message that my email does not reach. Do you have another email address?

hi, I also like the music. Can you kindly tell me where i can buy it?


Hello Rick! Please, send me a message trough profile page , now I can’t see your e-mail

please send message to another

message sent

Hi Alex, thanks for making such a cool and captivating project.

I want to use this to showcase various videos, my idea is to use the picture for example the one that says “This Project About Beauty” and put a picture of my video, but the video my client shot is not in HD, so I wish to use the background from your masterpiece as our background and show the video on top of the background.

I would appreciate it if you could give me any pointers on how I can go about getting this accomplish.

Hello and thank you that bought my project!

Maybe you should just scale up your video on placeholder and then make a render of final result not in full HD but in resolution you need

I want to keep resolution at least 720p, my clients video is 480i, that’s not the problem, I just wanted to know how I can go about using the background from your project as a background for my client, but I want your project background to seamlessly loop during the my clients video.. see this image to see what I want to accomplish..

Thanks again for any help!

Please, shoot me an email via my personal page (now I can’t see your email) and I’ll send you only background

Hello, please email me where I can buy the music for this production thank you.

I sent you an email. Thanks.

Hoi, thx for that projekt! Very Nice. please email me where i can buy the musik.

Thank you

Send me a message via profile, please!

Yes hi, please can you email me where I can buy the music for this production? So, thanks and greetings from Austria.

Email sent!