News Studio 101

News Studio 101

Description: This is a news studio has been edited.contains two two scenes, and a plurality of lens. Fixed focus lens is loop, you can change the length of time,can change the properties of each layer was alone. It is very easy to edit, only need to replace material.


  • Editable with After Effects CS4 (CS5,CS5.5,CS6,CC)
  • 1920×1080 Full HD resolution
  • Text tutorial is included
  • No additional plug-ins
  • No additional fonts
  • Only need to replace the material
  • very easy to edit
  • Looped Clips
  • Edit:

  • You can replace your Announcer
  • You can replace The Table
  • You can replace your logo / text
  • You can replace your LED Video clips
  • You can change background colors with Color Control
  • You can change Table colors with Color Control
  • You can change duration
  • Included:

  • 2 Studio scenes
  • 2 Zoom lens
  • 4 Fixed focus lens
  • 3 loops videos clips
  • Suitable for:

  • Breaking News
  • Live News
  • Instant News
  • Emergencies
  • Brief News
  • Important News
  • Sports News
  • Weather News
  • Music:

  • Music is not included. You can download from here :leto


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