Discussion on Music Visualizer Spectrum

Discussion on Music Visualizer Spectrum

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Very nice work!!

Thank you!

Great job! Good luck!

Thank you Motion_LAB

Thank you, I appreciate that!

Hello, i´m getting expression errors in the moment i turn on the Visualizations, i tried it with AE 2017-2020, but always the same expression errors. Please give me some support.

it says the Audio Amplitude is missing or does not exist

okay, i think i got it, had to set new Audio Keyframes

Hello, sure, you have to firstly create audio amplitude from your track, after that you can turn on visualization. This is all covered in videotutorial, which I created for this project and is placed in “Help” folder. I am glad you found the solution. If you would need any support, feel free to contact me through Envato contact form:

Sincerely, ShinyVisuals


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Hi i just bought and downloaded your project and I wanted to do something fast for a video and its really not working. I watched your video over 3 times and the loop is at the same speed not the less the instructions! Didn’t think it was gonna take so long to make a background loop for a presentation!... do you respond fast? If you are too busy I would like a refund… it’s the first time I ask in Envato, thankx

Hi there, of course I am here to help you. Please contact me on my email: or through my profile page

Many of my customers used it without problems, so I am sure we will solve this and help you in your troubles:-)

I have the same issue as above – I can’t get the speed of the loop to react. I’ve tried multiple settings but the loop just plays at a constant speed. I’m not getting the speed up / slow down zooming effect that’s shown in your video.

Thanks for your information, it is always essential to check the attached videotutorial for this visualizer. And if you are having any trouble, just contact me, I am here to help with you with anything.

I am glad you made it work properly! But in any case, I would be glad, if you could send me a feedback to my email about your track. I can check that out and possibly give you some tips for the future use of this template :)

Sincerely, ShinyVisuals

What I did to make it work better is ‘only use the drum tracks’ from my audio. Not the entire audio. This way the ‘convert audio to key frames’ is more defined for your effects to work better. I then replaced the drum track audio with the full audio in Premiere afterwards.

Amazing template. Love to use it. Many of my fans are asking, where I got these visualizations:-))

Thank you!

Les visuels React sont vraiment top au niveau de la qualité ! Et si vous rencontrez un problème, Igor vous réponds et vous assiste dans votre création et il est très réactif et sympa!

Je recommande vivement !

Thank you!! :-)

The CG visuals are just taken from beeple right ?

Hi, in the pack itself, there are included 3 loops visualizations made by me. Other visualizations which you can see in the preview video are from beeple, these are completely free for commercial and non-commercial use and the link for all of them is included in the help file.

Hi! I wanted to ask you how long it would take to render / export a 90 second project. I have Ryzen 7 1800x, 32 gb ram 3200 mhz, nvidia 1080ti

Hi there Jonatan! I haven’t tested it on your setup, but I have a lower specs PC with i7 8700K, 32gb RAM and Nvidia GTX 1070 and for me the render takes around 20 minutes for 1 minute of music visualization with all the additional features enabled. So I guess you can expect even faster render times on your setup. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask me, either in the comments or directly to my email, where I offer free support for all my projects – you can send me message on my profile:

Thank you!

Thanks you for fast response! I really like this animations. I will buy it. I am a beginner in adobe premiere, and I am even more new to after effects. If I have questions, can you help me?

There is a very detailed video-tutorial with commentary even for beginners attached to this project. But sure, you will need some assist, I am ready to help you in the emails.