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Discussion on MultiScreen Studio

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Can you slow down the animation so people have longer to read the text?

Yes you can slow down the animation. You have adjust the keyframes..


sorry, please disregard my last post. thank you!

Hey Is it working fine now?

Can each picture in the video wall be a different picture or video?

Yes. Possible.

Is it easy to do? Or do I have to adjust a some kind of randomizer particle effect? (I have seen that done in other templates.)

If you purchase let us know. We will do it for you.

how many image placeholders can I have with this project?

I would like 100 logos

Yes you can get 100 images/logos. Please contact us after you make the purchase. We will send you the 100 images version. Please use our profile page contact form.

Hello, my videos are too small in size, how to maximize or resize them in your project to fit the screen ? Thank you.

You can add an adjustment layer in the final composition and apply a photo filter effect and adjust the parameters.

If I send you the modified project and show you my logo and my website, can you do that for me if I pay you ?

Ok. Contact me through our profile page contact form.

It is in the bottom right side.

Beautiful work!

Thank you

Hello! Great job. You have a wonderful and professional portfolio! I wish you big sales! By the way, you can use my music in your videos. Just choose what you liked. In turn, I will place a link to you on my page. If you have any questions or suggestions, just let me know :). Good luck!

Thank you. Sure will check out your portfolio.

Great job. Everything is very harmonious and beautiful. Your work has made me interested in your portfolio. I wish you good sales and creative success!

Thank you

Hi. I purchased your product and replaced the videos. while playing the clip getting a blank black for few seconds after the video. how can I fix it. shall I upload in my youtube channel and share with you ?

Hi, I think the problem is with the clip duration. Each clip should be minimum 45 seconds long. If your clips are not that long, you can loop them by simply changing the loop count to 2 or 3 in the Interpret Footage Option from Project Panel. Simply select each video clip and right click on it and select Interpret Footage. There you can change the loop value. Once you did this you may have to open each VideoPlaceholder composition and then extend the Placeholder Layer to the end of the Composition. It will solve the issue.

Regards Dolly

Hello. I am planning on purchasing but I am wondering if it possible to play the individual video clips (audio and video) when the video zooms in on an individual video screen. Thank you

Perfect job and cool music track – good job! ♪♫

Thank you..