Discussion on Multi-Purpose Slideshow

Discussion on Multi-Purpose Slideshow

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Hi rileivphoto!

Nice work. However, the size of the images (1280×1080) is too large, especially the height, so I’m finding it hard to find images with this size. Is there any way to modify the size of the photos?

Thank you!

I think you might have posted the comment on the wrong item?!

No, sorry. I have confused the name, but the comment is right.

There is usually a “PURCHASED” badge next to the username, for people who purchase a license (see examples of other comments above). But either way, in case you are coming from Elements; the project is in Full HD, as advertised, so comps height in these types of projects is usually going to be 1080 pixels or higher. Smaller sizes would compromise the quality of the final render.

If you want to render in Full HD, you’re gonna have to find pictures that match that resolution, otherwise use what you have but you might suffer from some image quality loss (depending on the size of your images and how much you’re gonna scale them up).

Thank you!

Congratulation on your excellent work! I was wondering how the OffsetIn and OffsetOut layers work on controlling layers below, since they are not appear to be bound by parentage or expression. This just keep me wake at night thinking this spooky layer action…. :D. Excuse my ignorance. Thank you for your valuable time.

Hi rileivphoto,

The Offset IN and OUT layers don’t need to be bound by expressions because they are simple adjustment layers that apply an effect to all layers below. In this case is the “Transform” effect which creates the in and out animation.

It’s a technique I implement often on my templates to make it easier for beginners to edit the project. They don’t need to worry about key-frames or anything.

I hope this helps. :)


Thank You very much for your fast response! Top Quality work!!!!

You’re welcome, and thanks again!

Hi, I created a few additional scenes and readjusted the offset transitions. Some scenes work perfectly others not so much. Not sure what is going on. Here is a low res review video:

Thank you for the reference video you provided. From what I can deduct from it, looks like you are using more than one “OffsetIN” Layer in those cases where the transition in is not looking good. For the cases where the end of the transition (transition out) is not looking right; it looks like you either have two “OffsetOUT” Layers on, or the layer is not placed to match the end of the composition.
In the short tutorial included you can see that if you are planing on duplicating / extending the time / or just customizing the transitions, you have to make sure that there is only one pair of “OffsetIN” and “OffsetOUT” Layers, otherwise they mess up each others animations, so things end up not looking that perfect.
I hope this helps.

Also one more thing, I noticed that you have changed some transitions, like in the example at 1:12 of your video. Although that’s alright to do (as I have shown on the tutorial as well) you need to be aware that not every “OffsetIN” transition is going to look right on every design.
In the example above at 1:12 a transition in from the top or bottom doesn’t work with the way the design is set, however a swipe transition from the sides (from left or right) does work.

hello can I change the primary color (blue) easily?

Yes, you can change the colors very easily in one place. Included there is also a video tutorial that shows you how to do it.
Thank you!

Thank you very much for the fast reply!

dear support, How to install the Multi-Purpose Slideshow?

Install wordPress and after that install Multi-Purpose Slideshow as a theme?

Thanks for your help.

Best regards from the Netherlands,


Hello Joyce,
This is not a website template. It’s a video template. You need Adobe After Effects to open and customize the video.
It has nothing to do with websites or WordPress. Visit for WordPress templates.
Thank you!

This is an amazing template. Super easy to use, modify. The final video received a lot of love. Besides the author has be very supportive, in responding to every query. Great job! Look forward to your new work.

Thank you very much! :)

Dope setup. Can you change the duration time of each slide individually?

Every Slideshow is divided into Scenes. You can change the duration and animation timing (if you move the key-frames around). For just the duration I think it should be pretty easy to change (though it depends on your AE skills), just extend the composition duration in the comp settings and then move the transition layers (called “Offest IN/OUT”) as far as you want. That’s all you would need to do.

Trying to purchase but the checkout has me in a loop of “Something in your shopping cart has changed. Please review your cart and checkout again.”

Need this file ASAP. Thanks for help.

---—-UPDATE------ If this happens to you remove it from your cart, go back to the multipurpose slideshow page and click Buy Now instead. It’s the only way I could get it.


Please try again, I think the marketplace had some loading issues. In case it still doesn’t work, contact support I’m sure they will help you purchase the item as soon as possible. Thanks!

thanks, nice work. is there any way to make it 4:3 format?

Unfortunately there is no way to make the design 4:3 since it was created in Full HD (16:9), but you can render the project in 4:3.
You can do that in two way: Create a new composition with the dimensions that you want (4:3) and insert the Final Comp inside. When you do that you can scale it so it can fit the width or height of your 4:3 composition, depending on what works for you (right click Final Comp layer -> Transform -> Fit to Comp Width / Fit to Comp Height).
I hope this helps. If you have anymore questions you can also contact me via e-mail on my profile page. Thank you!


Can I use Camtasia to edit this video? I like to buy it.

No, you need Adobe After Effects CS5.5 or Newer version to edit this template.

Really good work!! :)

Thank you! :)

Wow! Great! :)

Thank you! :)

Brilliant work and Presentation :)

Thank you Michael! Much appreciated :)

Great Work Framestore. As always

Thanks! I’m glad you like it. :)

Seems like a new best-seller? : ) Well done!

Thanks! :)

Wow, I like the idea.

Glad to hear that. Thanks!

Beautiful slideshow, congrats! :)

Thanks! :)


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