Discussion on Motion Text Maker

Discussion on Motion Text Maker

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Thanks man, Great help. Super fast response when needing a little bit of help. Beautiful type Animations. Thank you.

Great to hear it. I’m glad I can help.

Hello! Does it work on After Effect 2019? It is written 2018 but not 2019 on the description page… I hope it just a mistake Thanks!

Hi, Yes. It does work.

Would you share the smoke background source?

It an image from here

You can download animated distortion project file here

Hi, This is not working on my After Effects CC 2019 version 16.1.2. Animations are messed up. I followed the video tutorials, and I did everything it told. So please help or give my money back. Thanks.

. Hi, yes for cc 2019, you must enable the expression engine to legacy extendscript.

Can you please provide the links for all sounds you used in your template?

Hi, it does not work with on my AE 2020 17.04. Can you help me please?

Hi, if error, please change the expression engine to legacy extendscript. You can change it via file/project setting, go to expression tab. And reload the project

Ok thank you for your answer. Works well now.

HI! im glad to use it. actually, I have a question that how can I make font list default ? when I start new project, the font list is change. so I have yo add font everytime… is there any way to start with my default list? I love thist script. Thanks

Each font you add to the list will be stored in Fonts folder. You can delete font comp item from Project Panel under folder: !Motion Text Maker>Fonts. it should be update font list in the script :)

it doesnt work for cs6 can u provide me a file for cs6

Im sorry, this item is not for cs version.

Im sorry, this item is not for cs version.

Hi, It was working for a bit, but now in the script window, the style tray is empty and the fonts are gone. It won’t let me add or click anything in the script window. I have “Allow Scripts to Write Files and Access Network” turned on. I also enable the expression engine to legacy extendscript. Current version of AE is 17.1.1. Please, help.

Hi, your project must have a motion Text Maker aep file imported into your open project then run the script. The script need to get presets object from the aep.

Thanks so much for the quick reply. I had the aep file imported with my project, but something must have gotten deleted or unlinked. I imported into a new project with Text Maker aep and is work again. Great setup…really cool effect and easy to use.

Sure you’re welcome. I’m glad to help

Hi, just bought your project but the script panel is unresponsive. I have enabled “Allow Scripts to Write Files and Access Network” but I cannot open the drop down menu for style or font and the butto for new or edit don’t work. At one point it gave a java error 89 but I can’t replicate it. I have the latest AE version on Windows 10 64bit. What can I do? Thanks.

Hi, make sure you open the project file and run the script. You also can import the aep file into your current project and run the script. As long the motion Text Maker aep file in project panel, the script will work.

Hey, I’ve just bought the plugin. It seems like it doesn’t work properly. I’m running the latest AE version (October 2020 release, version 17.5, Windows 10). I cannot find the way to change to legacy extendscript.

Hi, you can change the Expression Engine to Legacy Extendscript via File>Project Settings> Expressions [Tab] > Legacy Extendscript

Works like a charm. Thank you!

Or you can download this file again. I just fixed update to 2020 version compatible.

Hello! Does it work on After Effect СС 2015. 0.1. help please!

Hi, please email me from my profile page. I can convert only to CC 2017 (14.0)

Hi, I know this comes in After Effects, and that I could export a finished video to just about any editing software, including Premiere Pro. My question is that since After Effects and Premiere Pro are both from Adobe, can I use this AS A TEMPLATE directly in Premiere Pro? Thanks.

Im sorry, for now this template cant be use directly from AE to PR. Still need to export as video and import it.

ABout the last comment, It’s possible to import the video on AE from PR, and Directly Add the tittle ? Tks

Hi, yes it can. As long the text generated inside AE, it should be fine. This template use script only works for AE. I can’t make it mogart file for PR use directly.

I fact, after creat the text, just IMPORT the composition in PR, it’s really Easy. Perfect product, Very good buy !!