• Modular structure
  • 20 PremierPro Modules
  • 4K Ultra HD Quality

Introducing the Modular Showreel 4K template. Looking to jazz it up? You can go full swing or just use some modules to create cool rythm and flow. Beautiful template with contemporary and minimal motion graphics and amazing 4K quality. The Modular Showreel 4K template is easy to customize. Is perfect to engage with viewers, promote your porfolio, use it as YouTube channel opener or as a part of a corporate content video production.

⭐Template includes

  • Premier Pro CC project
  • PDF Help file
  • Music and photos are NOT included and was used for presentation purposes only!


  • 4K Quality
  • 20 Modules
  • 100% Premier Pro
  • Stylish and contemporary motion graphics
  • Works with any type of content: video or photo
  • No 3rd party plugins
  • Slick and modern style
  • Adobe Fonts used: 100% commercial free to use, automatic sync and download right from your Premier Pro.


Music used (not included):
  • MoodMode
  • All imagery used by CC-BY or PD license from Footage used was licensed under CC-BY license via [DOP] LOOΠΔ _ Kim Lip – Eclipse _ MusicVideo, Micros Image, Letters From Tuscany.

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