Discussion on Minimal Art Slideshow

Discussion on Minimal Art Slideshow

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Very nice work!

Thank you

Very very nice and WOw WOw cold

Thanks :)

Perfect and clean work! :)

Spasibo ;)

Thank you


Hope, that means you like it

ok ok, it’s ok! my Ae in italian lenguage. I converted the file

Nice! All expressions are universalized, so where is no problems with your app language.

Is there any “easy”/”fast” way to change the speed of the camera duration?

Hi! Camera in two scenes driven by nulls, so playing around with position and rotation properties in graph editor will work. Don’t know what you exactly want, maybe changing the actual keyframes properties will work too. So i can’t say this method is generic and fast, it all depends of result that you need.

Yeah, I’ve been messing around with the nulls but I was wondering if there’s an easiest way, I just want it to be a little bit slower. Thank you so much!

No, this hard/core way only i guess…Double click on each Position keyframe in Graph one by one, and lower the “Influence” and “Speed” properties, that will decrease the speed of this particular movement.

hello i purchased it and cant open it with cs5 on a mac error message windows 64 … can you please support me … thanks

Hi Daniel, i wrote in Item Features: CS5.5 CS6 CC Compatible Project. So if you on CS 5 (AE 10.0), you can’t open it, system requirements – from CS 5.5. If you have it just click ok and project will converts to your AE version.

Hi, . . .

Celebrating your ” Great Work ” !


1.) What size photo did . . . (you). . . use at Fotolia, the XS, S, or M ?? 2.) Can anyone just use (any size) photo in all of the themes here at Envato ? I notice someone offered a sizing tool. Not savy about these things being a Mom at 58 yr. Much continued success ! ~ Yvette

Hi, thanks! 1) Mainly I used M size and a little bit of L cropped at 1920×1920 for wide photos; 2) Don’t know about all the themes at Envato but as for this template better if you have photos in one/two size. I use Photoshop for that.

Can I place video in the image placeholders? I want to check before purchasing. Thanks.

Hi! Yes you can do it with no problems. Note, that you must choose the the right timing for video footage according to placeholder duration. Move the footage inside the media placeholder and use parent composition to reference the right timing.

Great project! Video good fit to the music!

I love this and Motion Art Slideshow. Is it possible to cut them down to 30 secs?

Main scene has modular structure, so you can easily adjust it to your timing.

well done! good luck to you! ;)