Discussion on Album of memories

Discussion on Album of memories

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Very cool book!

Thank you!

Very cool book!

Good work!

Thank you!

Outstanding project! Wish You many sales!

Thanx a lot!

azv_group, awesome work!

Thanks a lot!

Hi, can we add more pictures or pages if we would like to, right ? and we are also able tu change de orientacion of the frames or pictures and if we want just one picture by page for example or just the way the template is ? ? Thank you ! !

All in this project was created in After Effect, and it is not prerendered animation. So in theory, you can change everything in the project: the camera movement, the number and location of the frames with photos. But I warn you once, there is no any presets or other simplifications to do this. You just need to manually edit this project. And for this you will have to look into this project on their own. You can order an individual rendering of this project. You can send me materials (text, photos & wishes) by email (, and i will help you. Any way thank you for your next level customization idea, maybe i can realize it in future!

Thank you very much. Your music inspire me! You doing great music! Keep going!

Does this support video instead of images. Also is it easy to control how long it stays on a particular page (until video finishes playing) before the next page flips?

Hello! Thank you for buying my project. I Am sorry for the delay in replying, but the answers is: 1) Yes, you can use video instead of images. 2) As you can see, you can change time when camera stays on a particular page, by moving animation keys in camera and pages layers. I can’t say that it’s simple like 2 mouse clicks, but it can be done. Anyway if you still have any difficulty, let me know. I will help you. Thank you.

Hi, I bought this template, It’s very beautiful!! But text and Frame color turns red, even in color of layer of “COLOR FOR FRAMES & BORDERS” set brown. can you guess reason of that?

Greetings!! Thank You for buying my project! Please make sure that you have open composition “Render_FullHD_result”. In this comp there is a layer named ” CHANGE_COLOR_HERE”. Now in layer effects you will see color controller “COLOR FOR FRAMES & BORDERS” where you can change the color of the text and frames to any of your choice. Important part of this project – you must not to move the composition into folders and renames composition layers and the names of the controllers in the project. I think that you have already done one of this . The simplest solution in this case – please download the original project again. Check that the color changes are working properly. And insert your text and images by following the instructions in the project.

If this does not help, contact me by mail or through Skype. All of my contact details are in the end of the file Instructions.txt You can send me your aep file by email, so i can see your problem and try to fix it. I will do my best for you so that you can successfully work with my project.

I recently purchased two of your templates and I’m working on the Valentine memory book template. I have a question about shortening the video since I only have 7 pictures to add. What’s the best way to do this? I still want the video to end with the “to be continued…” text under the 1 centered photo on the page.

Great work on these templates!

Thank you! Your issue resolved. I sent you email. Hope you will be enjoy!)

Yes, You can edit title as you want.

can we edit the cover title? i would like to change the name from “my memory book” to something different. will that be possible?

Yes, You can edit title as you want.

Hi, i downloaded this file. but i cant use it. it’s covered with color bars. please help. ASAP! my deadline is almost up. what should i do? am i supposed to download some stuff? it does say 43 files are mising

Hello Eritec. All files exclude fonts and music are in zip archive. You can download fonts by link in my text describtion. What version After effect you use? You can reply to me directly on email in my contact form. This can speed up our communication

i just double check my project everything opens fine. Please describe what you do yo open my project step by step. it will ge great if you add screenshoots email me at[dog_]


I got 2 bugs in this product.

1. The first 3 placeholders are very pixelish, it seems these placeholders are low resolution. Other placeholders are good.

2. some placeholders are flipped horizontalty.

Hello! Thank you for buying my project! All issues fixed in updated project. You can download it after envato approve updated project. They send you notification. Thank you for your attention!

Excuse my English, I’m Brazilian and I’m using a translator. I bought the model but it did not work on my AE, all the others work except this one. Can you help me?

Hello! Thanks for buying my project. I ready to help you. Please describe in more details what actually does not work.

Fantastic AE file I bought this for my mothers memorial and I got so many incredible comments on the design and presentation. When I had some problems with extending the picture content the author was more than helpful and quick in getting back to me and changing the content to help me.

i’am glad i could help you!

Hi! can i change the album cover?

yes you can