Discussion on Mega Box Script

Discussion on Mega Box Script

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Great stuff mate..!

Insert the Item Purchase Code

scrip alert

error at line # 26

error : invalid image data


Hi ryujr,

Should you copy “MEGABOX_Resources” this folder and “MEGA BOX.jsx” to the same location??

Thank you’ve resolved

Good :)

man, you should really slow down your demo at the end. I can’t tell what the heck you’re doing because it goes so fast. Maybe at least put a highlight box over the action you’re performing.

I’d like to know a little more but i honestly can’t see what your’e doing

Hi FastNOC,

Actually, this is short promotion video clip for preview only, not for the demo purpose. (just like most of the PV on Envato market)

Hence, there are some of the detailed description below the clip for everyone.

And thank you for your comment, we will put the detailed tutorial here later.


Hi, a box which you create for text is it dynamic? Does it change when you change a source text or you have to reapply the script? Thanks

Hi Skorodelov,

We tried dynamic method to listen changing on the text in our testing, but it is not well in performance. Hence, we think reapply the script on your changed text layer will be better.


Yesterday script was working fine, today it is not making box. It can make new tex layer but not a box. Nothing happens. HELP! I work on AEcs6.


Are you check the option “BOX AND PADDING” for creating the box?

o man I must be blind, thx.

Nice Work and Welcome to Envato. Good Luck

every time i open the script it requires me to put in the purchase code. Very frustrating… what’s the deal?