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A very nice work! Good luck :)

great job, only one problem: the time warp effect that you use makes the render so long that after 6 hours (during the night) i just closed it and turn the effect off.

i tried all the thing you suggested but nothing fixed it.

maybe you shold fix it and update the file…


here is the result: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QIt2g6WRK-U&feature=player_embedded thanks for everything, great job.

Very cool oren :)

thanks lets not forget its yuor template :)

You Can’t modify the time of the Video, and the camer in the Background

Actuality you can there is a few places where you can make a cut, for example at 22 sec, 51 sec ,1 min and 9 sec and adjust audio as it needs ,background animation can’t be modified this is 3d prerendered animation.

Hi I have a piece of music which we need a video for [2.49] minutes in length, would it be possible to make this video fit the music!!! And also would it be possible to put the words at the bottom of the screen Last but not least, would it be possible for you to do this work for me as I am not computer literate!!! regards Della

Hi Della ! Video duration is 1 min and 39 sec and all 3d animation has been done as such , which is very big work like animation rendering and composite ,btw you can adopt music with animation , text can be done as you wish also there is no problem if you want customization to be done by me , you can send me a mail to see what we can do . Regards

Very cool project! Like your style!

Awesome work.. =) GuitarNation