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Clean and stylish design!

Cool, thank you!!

Excellent work, best quality!

Thank you Mate!

Looks awesome as always! Good luck with sales! +

Thanks a lot!

Great design right there Therealist.

Thank You Bro!

Good job! Good luck and more sales! :)

Thank you! Yes, maybe not the perfect days for release… agustus weekend. :)

Wow! Incredible work, good luck:)

Looking nice, clean, and overall aesthetic as usual man, keep up the great work!

Thank You Zerolink!

i hate it men, its hard to edit. i can not put an image too! its not a beginner friendly..

Dear ejmitra25!

Could you explain it a bit better? We help all our customers.

Thank You!

Is there a way to edit the duration of the lower thirds?

Yes, it’s really easy with the time remapping effect! And thank you very much for your purchase!

Awesome & unique work m8! This is what they call talent!!! <3

I sent for you an email, please copy & paste here the missing links – as comments – because Soundizer is not working : (

Just commented your great work mate as its simply awesome :) Music link is there! Just read my comment again bro! <3 <3 <3

Ok, all right now? Thank You!